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Mar 28, 2010 11:25 PM

Mid City recommendations


I have never been to New Orleans but will be there for 2 months for work. I will be renting a place in Mid City a few blocks from Angelo Brocato ice cream (Carrollton and Bienville).

I have founds lots of great recommendations here for places in the FQ, but very few close to where I'm staying (with the exception of Parkway Bakery and Tavern which I'm really looking forward to)

Anyone here familiar with Mid City and have some ideas? I'm mostly looking for a great place to stop in on the way home from work to have a drink and something delicious.


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  1. The original Liuzza's is down the way on Bienvile--one of the last neighborhood restaurants in the city, that were so many...and if you're looking for some takeout, there are two places that recommend themselves as above the norm: the Brwn. Derby on Tuland and Jeff Davis, whcih produces some intersting stuff like stewed rabbit

    Also good is a convenience store on Banks and Tulane--not the Discount zone, altho they have good poboys--but the other one, that doesn't pump gas, acoss the street . Some good gumbo andother creole specialties you might not expect.

    The Two Sisters is around, Claiborne and Bienvile; haven't been in a while, but it used to serve out great "soul" food, although that term means little in a city in which both races eat pretty much the same.

    When I think of all the great restaurants that used to be in Mid City I grow mournful over what time--and Katrina-- have done.

    Liuzza's Restaurant & Bar
    3636 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70119

      1. Liuzza's, Katie's, Mandina's-corner, neighborhood restaurants--inexpensive/moderate New Orleans -style food
        Venezia--old-fashioned red sauce, New Orleans-style Italian (not Northern Italian or Venetian despite its name); they have very good pizza
        Theo's pizza (Canal); Lazaro's pizza (Banks);
        Crescent *(Banks)--new, somewhat eclectic menu: very good pizza, housemade sausages (from bratwurst to Cajun styles), jambalaya, gumbo, onion rings, sandwiches
        Doson Noodle House--good, inexpensive, mostly Vietnamese food
        Cafe Minh*--Vietnamese, slightly upscale, with French influence obvious in menu/cooking; fabulous rolls, dumplings, soups, duck, shortribs, specials
        Mona's (Banks)*--Middle-eastern fare that's cheap, good
        Juan's Flying Burrito; also, two inexpensive Mexican places right next door to Brocato's (can't remember their names)
        Ralph's on the Park*--upscale New Orleans dining in a beautiful setting
        K-Jean's*--take-out seafood and po-boys
        Little Tokyo*(Carrollton)*--try chef's choice (Omakase plate) @ $50, feeds four well, but other food is outstanding as well.
        Huevos* and Ruby Slipper*--great breakfast
        The Bean Gallery--popular coffee house w/typical CH snacks
        Clever*--in American Can Company--great cocktails, wine selection, cheese and pate plates, tapas on Tuesdays, wine tastings on Thursdays

        A little farther, on Esplanade--Cafe Degas*, Lola, Santa Fe

        * standouts, imho

        Liuzza's Restaurant & Bar
        3636 Bienville St, New Orleans, LA 70119

        4408 Banks St, New Orleans, LA

        135 N Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119

        Juan's Flying Burrito
        2018 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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          I have to comment on Cafe Minh. I went there last night, and it was truly outstanding. The crab and corn soup was light and so wonderfully seasoned; the crabmeat was so fresh and sweet. The summer rolls were outstanding, all the veggies were absolutely perfect. But the LAMB was the highlight. Perfectly cooked mid rare, with a root vegetable gratin and light crunchy onion rings all in a plum sauce. My bf and I could not get over how delicious it was. We had to inquire, and it was NZ lamb, so they obviously do not skimp on the quality of their ingredients. Great service and atmosphere as well. Outstanding place...

          Cafe Minh
          4139 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

          1. re: figndate

            It is a great place. We had lunch there today--and it was fabulous as ever. I absolutely adore the shrimp dumplings.

          2. re: nomadchowwoman

            2 thumbs up for K-Jean's seafood. Best place for boiled crawfish. Only place I buy from now.

          3. Don't think I saw this one (unless I am mistaken)

            A true N.O. casual classic and experience, food, atmosphere etc not to be missed, Mandina's:

            Are you working on a film/tv show?

            Mandina's Restaurant
            3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

            1. I heard Crescent Pie and Sausage Co is awesome...on Banks St i think

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                Went to Crescent Saturday night with 9 people and everything was well accepted except the mac and cheese. Definitely worth a trip back and it has a nice N.O vibe with the music and photos on N.O. musicians on the walls.