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Mar 28, 2010 10:00 PM

Where to take my Daughter for her 21 BDay?

We live in Glenside. Some place hip, not BYOB and real good. She likes almost everything, she loves to cook. She loves to go to Chinatown, loves italian. We've been to NaBrasa, she loved it , but at 5'2 and 120 she didn't exactly overwork the Gauchos. She changes her mind everyday, one day its the Cheesecake factory (informal), the next William Penn Inn (she wants to dress up), next Amada (big fan of Iron Chef).... and so on. I think she browses Chowhound a little too much, lol.
5 of us, Heather, me, mom, brother (23), probably her boyfriend (21) if he can get off work.
Oh yeah, Its got to be a Tues or Wed night.


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  1. My husband and I recently enjoyed Amada for our anniversary, and it sounds like it might be perfect for your group. It's very chic, has sophisticated cocktails, TERRIFIC food (the only thing that didn't wow us, believe it or not, was the suckling pig special - but everything else was amazing). We have had small plates before and it's just such a festive way to eat. If I were turning 21 again, I'd want to go to Amada. :)

    1. I think a more hip place for an Iron Chef fan of Jose Garces would be Distrito in University City at 40th & Chestnut. Great food, young hip atmosphere.

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        Seconded, Distrito is perfect - fun and tres chic but more importantly good food and impeccable service

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          See if you can reserve the VW bug for seating... But check to see if you can fit 5 in it. It's a fun touch.

          1. re: xtian

            The VW Bug is fun and a good idea but there's no way you can fit five people in there!

      2. I've said it before and I'll say it again...If you have more than 4 people and you want to go to Amada, pre-order the roasted pig. Great choice for a festive occasion.

        If you still want to stay with Jose Garces, Distrito would be a fun second choice.

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          Distrito is fun and yummy and it is said that the iron chef himself is often there on Tuesday nights. Having said that, Amada is my fave and still trying to get a group together for the suckling pig!!

        2. Distrito was the first place that came to mind reading your post. It has such a fun, celebratory feeling. For a non-iron chef place, I'd suggest Zahav. It is also fun for a group, good drinks and excellent food.

          1. Agree with the Amada rec, if she has interest in it, you'll love it. I'd do one of the tasting menus--they start at 45--and just sit back and let them bring you plate after delicious plate.