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Mar 28, 2010 09:34 PM

multigrain matzoh meal versus regular matzoh meal

I am making matzoh ball soup with leeks. I love the recipe but i decided to buy multigrain matzoh meal versus the regular stuff this year...out of respect of being healthier......Thoughts /suggestions? Does it taste better?

Is there a major difference?

I'm trying to decide if i should return and just buy what i know is good!


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  1. No problem.I bought whole wheat matzo meal (Streits) The recipe on the box says to use seltzer instead of water.

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    1. re: classylady

      i'm making them...they look brown? i guess they should taste a lil more wholesome. we'll see....

      1. re: namreb

        I make them each year--a wee bit drier, so I make them a little smaller, and that does the trick. Totally worth serving my family a much healthier matza ball!

    2. It has a teeeeny bit more flavor, but not dramatically, in my opinion. Matzo balls made with it are slightly more dense, but not incredibly noticeably. I've used it successfully for a long time.