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Mar 28, 2010 09:09 PM

6 days in Tokyo - April/May - Solo traveller

I am a vegetarian (no fish) who will be staying in Tokyo (near Tokyo station) for five days. I'm looking for suitable places nearby for dinners and breakfasts (healthy/non-fatty/non-greasy if possible). All suggestions welcomed!

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  1. Lots of great vegetarian options!
    For tofu kaiseki, I really like Ume no Hana.
    Also check out Vegematto in Roppongi for a wonderful vegetable chef's menu for about 4000 yen - about 5 courses of grilled, marinated, raw and steamed vegetables, all perfectly executed!~

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    1. Ume no hana is great, but from what I remember (eating at one of the Nagoya shops) , it's not strictly vegetarian. Meaning there may be dashi (fish stock) and egg in some of the dishes. There was even a raw tuna component in my lunch.

      If you're not super sensitive about the grill surface, how about a variety of grilled veggie skewers at a yakitori counter? Combined with a grilled rice ball or two, a salad... nothing fancy but tasty. I think the biggest challenge may be avoiding dashi.

      Check one of the department store basements, there's usually a specialty rice counter where you could pick up some kind of mixed rice...Seki Han is awesome, simple but delicious, red beans and sticky rice topped with some black sesame seeds and salt. Could work well for a breakfast as there's not a lot to choose from in the morning. There may be other options that include things like fresh bamboo, veggies. Some will have chicken though, be warned.

      Sorry, I don't have specific locations to recommend, I don't know that area of Tokyo well.

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        Ume no Hana is great but most of the sets have fish, crab, and even chicken. I think only the cheapest set is tofu only. You can always order a la carte.

      2. If you are vegan, please try the shojin ryori cuisine (Buddhist monastery cuisine) in Japan. It is wonderful, and conforms to vegetarianism perfectly.

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            No, it doesn't. Daigo for example uses bonito flakes in dashi. You may be able to request dashi that does not contain bonito flakes, but it is certainly not a given, and there is no guarantee that all shojin ryori places will accommodate the request (though Daigo does, but you need to tell them in advance).

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              I stand corrected. Pardon my ignorance.

          2. Just happen to come across this place that might be of interest. Nagamine in Ginza, it's by a long-established vegetable wholesaler based in nearby Tsukiji, who specialize in Vegetable kaiseki. Price guide Y5250.

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            1. re: Golek

              Nagamine doesn't serve vegetarian food - they use fish flakes in the preparation of their broths.