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Mar 28, 2010 08:29 PM

Restaurants Open on Chol Hamoed in Teaneck/Brooklyn?

Returning from a day trip in Jersey on Thursday. Looking for a place to stop for dinner with kids. Either in Teaneck or Brooklyn.

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  1. Koshertopia has a list of places open in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Teaneck. That said, the only restaurants listed are in Manhattan, although there are several takeout places from which you could probably get a reasonable dinner if you're willing to eat it in your car. The list is here:

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      I'll second Gila B on this, nothing has been posted on the Teaneck Shuls message board, and I was on W. Englewood Ave last night at 9:30, a lot of restaurants were open so I am guessing none of them flipped.

    2. Crawfords in Brooklyn is usually open