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Mar 28, 2010 08:13 PM

New sushi restaurant in Burlington..Sushi Adano

There is a new All-You-Can eat sushi place at Appleby/Upper Middle . I think it's called Sushi Adano..could be Amado or something similar..Anyways-it's in the plaza next to Canadian Tire.
I haven't tried the AYCE (this never appeals to me), but we've had take out twice and I'm very impressed!
First of all it's probably the cheapest sushi place I've been to..prices are great!
More importantly, the food was very good. I seem to expect less from places that offer All-You-Can-Eat, but the rolls we ordered were very large with good fish and not overfilled with rice. The tempura was perfectly cooked, and again have to say the portions are bigger than any place I've had in Burlington with much lower prices. (Rolls around $6, tempura apps $7 huge seaweed salad $3)
The space is very nice too..they did a good job renovating from an old "AppleJacks"..only problem was slow service at the front of the house..they don't have someone at the front and don't seem to notice when people come in.

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  1. It's Sushi Asano. We walked there today for lunch. I was curious to seeh how a sushi restaurant would do in this space. We liked it. Clearly lots of others do as well because the place was hopping. The service was excellent - almost too fast. Saturday lunch was 14.99 (it is $ 2 less expensive during the week) and you could order as much off of the menu as you could eat for that price. We LOVED the spicy salmon sushi in particular.

    Even thought it is 'all you can eat' the sushi and other dishes are prepared as your order them so they arrive staggered, fresh, and hot (if they're supposed to eb hot, that is!) :-)

    The tempura shrimp were HUGE. Tempura coating was thin, crisp, and not greasy as you sometimes find.

    We are already talking about making this a regular addition to our walks on the weekends (which is somewhat counterproductive to the entire notion of exercise!) . . . it was that good.

    Thanks Burlgurl - I doubt that I would have popped in without your nod . . .

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      I've been back since my first visit and had another great experience! Had take out again..service was better and food was great! Agree on the tempura..was huge and nicely cooked.
      I think I have a new regular sushi place here..

    2. I went a week ago for lunch and had a terrible experience. The service was terrible! They kept forgetting dishes we ordered, even brought us the bill before our dessert (which we had been waiting for 15mins for) and then when we asked about the dessert, again, they said they would check on it. Turns out they forgot to order it. Compared to Saga Sushi in Burlington (Brant St. & Plains) I was very disappointed in the quality, quantity and service. Based on my experience I won't return.

      Saga Sushi
      2011 Plains Rd E, Burlington, ON L7R0A6, CA