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Mar 28, 2010 07:05 PM

Menya Musashi Takatora/Takadanobaba

i have benefited a lot by reading chow hound. this is my 1st posting ever.our 1st night in tokyo, my 15 year old son,wants to eat ramen B4 hitting the bed after a14 hour flight from ny.we took a cab from hilton @ shinjuku to this restaurant after reading reviews @ ramentokyo.we don't speak any japanese & it was our 1st time ordering thru a machine/box.some things to be aware of
1.1st u have to put your money in B4 making selections. english menu-hence hit or miss selections.
3.we ordered 3 different ramen from the pictures.mine had 2 succulent pieces of pork[i don't eat pork-so gave pieces to my son]& i enjoyed the noodles & broth-delicious.our experience with ramen is from eating @ ippudo & momofuko in ny-if ippudo is 10, i would rate this as 7. i wish i had some extra toppings like an egg & grated radish but did not know how to order those.
today for lunch going to go to ichiran which i guess don't need to write a review about.

my son ordered a dish with dipping sauce[tsukunen]which he thought was on the sweeter side. i tasted it & liked it.

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  1. Enjoy! There are such fun dining options in Tokyo, and try and get to a local izikaya for yakitori. There is a great ramen place in Azabu Juban on the main shopping street called Man-Riki-Ya, and the menu is bilingual. Tokyo is an amazing city and food is a top priority so enjoy the experience.

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      my family of 3 are total foodies-and if it wasn't for me insisting that we see some of the sights/places in tokyo, my hubby & son only want to visit eating places & spend rest of time researching the next meal/restaurant.anyways,lunch is hopefully @ ichiran ,& dinner we are looking to try kushiyaki-any recommendations?we need places that can be easily found

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        I am sure that you will visit Tsukiji Fish Market and you can't go wrong with any of the fish restaurants there... Most of my faves are difficult to find, usually on backstreets that we stumbled upon in search of authentic food. However, our "go-to" place for a special meal is the L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Ripponghi Hills, a real treat. We also had a great meal at La Rochelle in Shibuya, owned by Chef Sakai from the Iron Chef series. The price point was high but I believe that lunch is much more reasonably priced.

        There are some great shabu shabu places in Ginza and many are located in office towers or shopping centres, so have fun exploring!

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          Hope you're still having a great time in Tokyo!

          Don't know if you already found a good kushiyaki place, but here are a couple in Shinjuku. Three to four thousand yen range (per person) at this place. Opens at 5pm.

          Kushi no Kura -- 1 minute walk from the New South Exit of JR Shinjuku station. From the bottom of the stairs, find L-Breath across the street on the corner. Walk 10 seconds up street parallel to overpass on left side of L-Breath. 3rd floor of building with Mickey D's in it. (address: 東京都新宿区新宿4-1-13 田園新宿ビル3F Phone: 03-3357-1194)

          And on the northwest side of JR Shinjuku station:

          Kushi Taro -- 4 minute walk from west exit of JR Shinjuku. Same price range as above, but opens at noon (except Sundays and holidays). On street, turn right. Uniqlo will be on your right (cross to other side of street before or immediately after large intersection 50 meters ahead). You'll pass a big bank on your left after the intersection. Kushi Taro is in the basement of the 3rd building on your left after the bank. (address: 160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿7-10-19 西新宿ビルB1 Phone: 03-3365-4645)

          Let us know if you try either of these out. Would love to hear what you think.

          Best wishes,

          1. re: pellegrini

            thanx for all the help.
            unfortunately i did not get to the internet until now, but already have reservations for dinner@
            jou mon[].
            i don't know if jou mon is the name of the restaurant or the owner's name.
            we went there last year,& thought the food was excellent,but when we went there last evening @ 8.30 pm,they said the wait was 1 hour .so--the reservations for tonite.
            i will try & post my review with pictures if i think the food matched my memory of it.
            thanx once again