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Mar 28, 2010 06:30 PM

Q BBQ & Tequila Restaurant in Olde City

Why is it so hard to find decent BBQ in Philly? We didn't find it here! We were there about a month ago. We found it listed on so we thought we'd try it out.

We had buffalo wings and soup as appetizers. Nothing to write home about. I ordered pulled pork sandwich and my husband ordered a burger. The burger was ok but the pork sandwich was terrible. There were chunks of fat and the meat was not as tender or flavorful as expected. I left the bun and tried eating around the fatty pieces.

If that wasn't bad enough, we both ordered apple crisps for dessert. How could we go wrong here? We did. The serving was on the small side and was very soupy.

Overall, it was a terrible meal and not one we're interested in repeating. The service was ok, nothing extraordinary. There were lots of folks there but I had the impression it was better known for its drinks than anything else.

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  1. Probably for the same reason it is hard to find a decent cheesesteak in North Carolina or Texas.

    Try Bebe's BBQ in the Italian Market for pulled pork. It's a take-out place with a couple seats, but it is legit pulled pork.

    BTW Q has rebranded itself into a burger place; I guess the BBQ didn't work out so well. I went once for drinks, and I got the impression it was more a bar scene than a food place, too. Except that the beers were expensive, so I wouldn't go there to drink, either. Maybe it's good if you like tequila.

    1. Q's pretty bad for BBQ. Not terrible but nothing special. Probably why they added "and burgers" to their name. Honestly it's more of a place for drinks than food. For decent BBQ, try the pulled pork sandwiches and brisket at Bebe's in the Italian Market. No frills (barely a few seats) but the foods as authentic as you get in town.