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Mar 28, 2010 05:53 PM

Where in brooklyn should we stay (for good food)?

Hi- we're from the Philadelphia area. We have a gift certificate good at a bunch of B&Bs. We don't really know Brooklyn, but we know there's a LOT of good food there. We have a choice of different areas of Brklyn, but where to go? We tend to like downscale but very good food places. We're old hippies. What's a cool area? We love good good and music and nice, downscale atmosphere. Thank you!!

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  1. The great restaurants in Brooklyn are really spread all around the Borough, so I'd recommend aiming first for a neighborhood you'd like to stay in food aside. I'd go with the "Brownstone Brooklyn" neighborhoods--Park Slope, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens. And the Brooklyn Museum is a world-class museum.

    For a great music venue, check out Barbes (Park Slope bar, no food):

    At the top of my current Brooklyn restaurant rec list would be Tanoreen (Middle Eastern/Palestinian in Bay Ridge) and Mile End (Montreal-style deli in Boerum Hill).

    7523 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

    Mile End
    97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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      Thanks, Peter- that's helpful. Anyone else want to put two cents in before we book?

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        BTW, I am reading lots of you fine hounds' other Brklyn-related posts- glad for those, too.

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          I think it would help if you would list the neighborhoods that are options for you in terms of the B&B's. There are an awful lot of Brooklyn neighborhoods!

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            Right, and there aren't a lot of B&Bs here. To my knowledge, Park Slope/Prospect Heights has only one. Seems like the available options are going to determine where you stay, unless there's an underground network of B&Bs I've never heard of.

            I'd stay downtown Brooklyn if you can. There are a lot of great bars and restaurants there and transportation is easy to other places.

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              If you do a search on Brooklyn Bed and Breakfast you'll see there are a bunch.

    2. what a fun idea. i would love to hear about your experience.. i want to buy something like this for friends

      1. I'd also consider staying in Brooklyn Heights. While it's not exactly the culinary epicenter of Brooklyn (far from it) it is within a pleasant walk of a large number of the places you'd likely eat and it has easy transfer-rarely-needed access to EVERY subway that heads into Brooklyn. Stay anywhere else and you'll find frequently yourself in cabs, car services, or heading the wrong way to head the right way on the subway.

          1. I agree that it would be helpful to know what options your gift certificate offers. There are at least a dozen B&B's in Brooklyn that I know of (from planning my wedding) but they are all over the place. It may be that the best one is closer to transportation than in a particularly "foodie" neighborhood.

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              I agree that for food and particularly transport you would mostly be better off staying in the downtown Brooklyn nabes rather than, say Bed Stuy. Wherever you wind up, the question of transport (or if you are arriving by car, parking)should be investigated before you book. Unless the location is close to a subway line, you may have some public transport mobility issues since Brooklyn is large.
              I see that there are now a bunch of B&Bs in Ditmas Park, Prospect Lefferts etc. There is interesting eating out there, mostly West Indian around Prospect Lefferts, and, over by Coney Island Ave (if convenient to the actual location, middle eastern, Punjabi, some Kosher and DiFaras Pizza fand a new more upscale strip including Purple Yam for Ditmas Park. but these areas are overall less convenient to what NY has to offer.

              Purple Yam
              1314 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226