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Mar 28, 2010 05:45 PM

sweet marsala

Other then making chicken or veal marsala what do you make with sweet marsala wine?

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  1. Making desserts .I sweeten ricotta with sugar,add sliced almonds sometimes oil of anise sometimes marsala .I've added marsala to rice pudding made with arborio again slice almonds also

    1. English trifle instead of sherry

      Zabaglioni (excuse spelling) but it's that lovely warm egg white whipped Italian dessert.

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        Zabaglione, or the French Sabayon, is make with egg yolks only, no whites, sugar and flavored with marsala, or other sweet dessert wines. Great over berries or peaches.

        A quick dessert is sliced oranges with marsala and a little sugar. Bake apples with marsala, apple cider, brown sugar and golden raisin, butter and nutmeg.

        There are many marsala dessert options at this link, including the baked apple recipe:

        Try it with poached figs or pears with sweetened ricotta. Or macerate your berries with marsala and top with mascarpone.

        Marsala is good for rehydrating dried fruit, instead of water.

        Marsala is nice in a sauce with duck breast, pork chops or pork tenderloins, or sautéed mushrooms. Put a splash of marsala in your chicken liver paté.

        Here's a FN link with a mushroom ragu recipe that would be nice over pasta:
        And another for a chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and dried figs, topped with a marsala pan sauce (but I'd skip the cornstarch slurry and reduce the sauce just a bit more):

      2. The Casanova is a bourbon-based cocktail that incorporates sweet Marsala:

        1 1/2 oz Bourbon
        3/4 oz sweet Marsala
        3/4 oz Kahlúa
        1 oz heavy cream
        Shake and Strain into chilled Cocktail glass