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Mar 28, 2010 05:35 PM

fresh cheese curds in Atlanta? (is this possible?)

On a road trip last summer, I had my first cheese curd from a cheese stand in central Wisconsin. It was incredibly fresh, nice and squeaky. I've been trying to find some down here but haven't been successful. Of course, they have them at DeKalb Farmer's Market, but they just aren't the same. Do any of the dairies/creameries around here sell fresh curds (Sweetgrass, maybe)??

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  1. Sweetgrass is no where near Atlanta.

    1. There is contact info on page 3 of Star Provisions "World of Cheese" "menu".
      It may take a minute to load:

      This is from Star's webpage and maybe Tim Gaddis can help if this is updated info:

      "Star Provisions Cheese offers the discerning cheese connoisseur a selection of Artisan American and Imported European Cheeses that are carefully stored in a special temperature and humidity regulated cooler to ensure the quality and proper aging.

      Tim Gaddis, our Cheese Monger, carefully selects all the cheeses from around the globe, hand cuts and wraps each order to your specifications."

      Tim may be reached by calling:
      404 3650410 ext 132.

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        Curds have to be purchaseed fresh from the cheese maunufacturer. A cheese distributor is not going to have them.

      2. It couldn't hurt to ask the Sweetgrass folks. Yes, they're in Thomasville, but they sell at the local farmer's markets (St. Phillips, Piedmont Park), which are due to get cranked up here before too long.

        Other than that, the only curds I know about locally are mozzarella curds. A few places buy these and make their own fresh mozzarella (e.g. E 48th St Market in Dunwoody). I'm guessing they come from a big foodservice purveyor. I think I looked at some point and supposedly Restaurant Depot carried them, but I think you had to buy a 25-lb box, and it may have been frozen.

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        1. re: ted

          I saw the mozzarella curds at RD on my last visit, and they were vac-packed in a 5 or 10-lb package.

        2. I think you have to remember what cheese curds are. They are essentially an unfinished product. Atlanta isn't exactly ground zero for cheese making, so you're not going to find a place that supplies them very often like you might in Wisconsin. My first reaction to the topic without reading the question was DeKalb FM but that was obviously boo-hooed. I would be surprised if you could get Sweetgrass to put some aside for you to bring up to an Atlanta farmer's market. It never hurts to ask though.

          1. Thanks, everyone. Yes, I do know that Sweetgrass isn't exactly a stone's throw from Atlanta, but my logic was akin to Ted's, in that their products do show up at quite a few small-scale neighborhood markets. Also, it's closer than Wisconsin.

            Anyway, the ones at YDFM aren't bad. Cheap, too. I bought some white cheddars for about $2 on Saturday. Wish they squeaked like the ones we found in Wisconsin, but then again, that was pretty much the only aspect of our quick drive through Wisc. on the way to the UP that I enjoyed.

            Anyway, thanks to all for the potential resources.

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            1. re: collegekitchen

              In the sense that you want to buy them (more of a novelty snack) I think DeKalb is your only choice for a dependable supply. They are mostly associated with cheddar (as you described) and Sweet Grass makes only very limited supplies of cheddar-style cheese. They are just too small, too specialized, and too busy to bring you some squeaky cheese curds to make you giggle. ;-)