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May 29, 2005 04:53 AM

where to buy preserved lemons

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i had dinner in a moroccan restaurant a couple of months ago, and couldn't forget the amazing chicken with olives and preserved lemons. DL'ed a recipe but now amscratching my head at where to score those moroccan-style preserved lemons here in la ( i live in 90068). any ideas would be most welcome. thanks!

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  1. I'm sure any middle eastern market in your area would carry them. I know I've seen them in my area markets.

    1. surfas in culver city has them. saw them there just last week.

      1. make yer own, a whole lot cheaper. Meyers should be easy for you to find right now. quarter em and toss in a mason jar with kosher salt, let em sit.

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          I concur, make your own. It takes about 2 weeks minimum. Paula Wolfert's book has the recipe.

        2. Jons Market on Laurel Canyon Blvd and Magnolia (or is it Burbank Blvd?) in North Hollywood has it. That's not too far from 90068.

          1. I am not sure about moroccan style but there are a wide variety of lemon pickles you can get from Indian groceries. I have a ton of summer lemons, I am going to try to make some pickles. I saw the chow video to the right, but their recipe seems very plain. What do the Moroccan ones taste like?