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Mar 28, 2010 05:14 PM

Great places outside of the major centers - Ireland and Scotland

Coming this summer, 6 foodies,various ages. Finding places in the cities is rarely hard so my question to foodies across the Pond is where should we go that has great food and, preferably, great sights. I doubt we will drive (the wrong side of the road - you understand), but will do what we need to to get to good food.


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  1. Sorry, but your question is so vague it is unlikely to get you any useful responses. Where will you be staying and what is your budget for food? What kind of cuisines are you looking for? Also, "great sights" are outside the scope of CH. The monitors will remove any posts that are not food-related.

    1. If you are planning not to drive and want to eat away from the urban centres, I presume therefore that you are going to rely on public transport to get to rural locations from where you might be staying - presumably taxis. It'll help, therefore, if you could indicate where you are likely to be staying and your likely journey length limit by taxi. By way of indication (using my own English metro area as a guide), you can get from urban to rural in about 25 miles (about a £30 taxi journey).

      1. There have been a few threads on this board recently on dining in Scotland. Take 10 minutes to scroll down thru the posts over the past 3-6 months.

        Here is a link to a NY Times article on dining in the Scottish Highlands:

        1. Sorry for the lack of specifacs and I should have been more clear. We are in the planning stages of this family trip and to help with the itinerary we want some ideas. Coming from Canada and having been to the UK before I know it is easy to get around (relative to where we live). I am hoping that with the collective exeripience of you chowhounders we can plan a trip with consideration given to great food venues.

          As for "great sights/sites", surely the location of foodie destinations relative to a tourist draw is perfectly acceptable on this board.

          We are very resourceful at getting to where we need to and once we find a destination we will get there, by plane, train, auto or foot (and every combination thereof!)

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            Cumbria is becoming quite the food-centric region, even with its own artisan food magazine. there is a wealth of good restaurants and pubs, as well as stunning scenery and good opportunities for hiking throughout the Lake District. So perhaps that would be a good area to explore.

            Oops sorry -- I didn't note you were specifically interested in Scotland and Ireland, not UK in general.

          2. Article on Ireland's food scene in today's NY Times: