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Mar 28, 2010 05:14 PM

Tarry Lodge - Portchester

Just had my bday dinner at Tarry Lodge tonight and it was extremely dissapointing. From the very start (the bread and olive oil) everything was very salty. We started with the Egg over easy with black truffle pizza as an appetizer. We couldnt even taste the egg, all we tasted was salt. For entrees, i had the skirt steak and my wife had the bolognese pasta. The skirt steak was actually pretty decent, but didnt wow me at all. But my wife's bolognese pasta was just as salty as the bread/olive oil and the pizza, just a big let down overall. We had heard so many great things about this place ever since it opened and now we realized that we didnt miss much. There did seem to be an older crowd there, so i am assuming they probably like the extra salt, but for out taste there are many better places out there. definitely wont be back

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  1. First... expect this thread to be moved. I posted a similar thread on CT but it got moved to NY.
    Second... seems the chatter on Tarry Lodge has been quiet. I posted this a while ago and haven't received a single post:

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    1. re: foleyd7

      Uh oh.

      This place was riding so high for a while, on pizzas mostly, I'd hate to see even it fail. We need all the restaurants we can keep in this part of Westchester.

      1. re: anonymouse1935

        We have beent there twice. The first experience the food was terrific, although service was severely lacking. The second, the restaurant was quiet and the food was terrible. Pasta bolognese which was excellent the first time was not good at all. Some diner's pasta was overcooked, some undercooked. Not worth the trek from Goldens Bridge!

      2. re: foleyd7

        Maybe you didn't get any responses because there is already an "Eating at Tarry Lodge" thread with 200+ replies?

        1. re: MisterBill2

          I must confess - - - I double posted. I originally posted my review on the 200+ original thread.
          I also realize that many people don't read threads that long if they are new to the search, so I posted my review as a brand new post too.
          This post here was the first Tarry Lodge activity I've seen in months.

          1. re: MisterBill2

            can you link to that thread, please?

        2. One of the first times I ate at TL we also ordered the black truffle pizza and the pasta bolognese; and felt exactly like you did - pizza nothing special and both were way oversalted.

          After that I was in no hurry to return, but did about a month ago and had a totally different experience. We ordered different things. We shared the beet caprese salad, the potato prosciutto pizza and the orrechiette with sausage and fennel. All were delicious - well seasoned but not overly so.

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          1. re: JanRan

            BBQLOVER SAYS: "There did seem to be an older crowd there, so i am assuming they probably like the extra salt, but for out taste there are many better places out there. definitely wont be back"
            Not to defend a place that does not need the defending since they are too crowded everytime I go but:
            1. From my experiences older people hate salt. They complain about salt all the time.
            2. What other places in the 30 minute proximity give you better tasting food? I would love to know.

            anonymouse1935 SAYS:
            "This place was riding so high for a while, on pizzas mostly, I'd hate to see even it fail. We need all the restaurants we can keep in this part of Westchester."

            Tarrylodge is one of the most successful restaurants in the area period. It's not going anywhere. They are actually scheduled to be opening up a food/wine market next door to it soon. I'm not saying that places down have up and down days or that the food can't change but c'mon people. This is one of the best places around. I still can't get in on a Monday night with a table for 4 without a 20 minute wait and that's with a res!

            Now that you have started a new thread on the place maybe it will go down to 18 minutes hopefully!

            1. re: cubanat

              well said cubanat. notwithstanding the "nits" in the posts above yours (you can't please everybody) tarry lodge is undoubtedly one of the best additions to the westchester dining scene in many years! i am always excited on the rare occasions when i can grab a reservation on short notice that is after 6 and before 9.

              1. re: biga290

                Yes no one goes there anymore, it's too crowded. I have eaten there 3 times and always found the food and service to be great. The price point is excellent and nothing was too salty.

                1. re: winston1

                  I had lunch there with my family recently on a Sunday and had a great meal. We had a couple of pizzas and a couple of pastas and everyone enjoyed all of it. I didn't think it was overly salty, either. And who complains about bread and olive oil being too salty, anyway?

                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    I can't agree more with Cubanat and Misterbill2. Folks most restaurants in Westchester are dummed down versions of 'real' restaurants in Manhattan. Let's not talk about that most have the excitement of a morgue. Be glad they opened here and gave us an alternative, I'd hate to think how many chains are licking their lips thinking what an unsophisticated restaurant crowd lives here. Bring on the salt!

                    1. re: a81

                      >>Folks most restaurants in Westchester are dummed down versions of 'real' restaurants in Manhattan.

                      Interesting observation. I'd have to agree. Of course, the prices are not 'down'.

                      1. re: anonymouse1935

                        Very good observation. I do have to say that I thought the prices at Tarry Lodge were much more reasonable than other places in Westchester. I live in Northern Westchester and it's even worse up there.

                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                          anonymous1935 "of course, the pricesa re not down"

                          I agree the prices are as high and sometimes higher plus the service is almost always inferior

                          1. re: a81

                            I was there last night and had the clam & garlic pizza (which I had had previously there). Must say, it had sort of a bitter taste too it and it was very oily. The food just didn't seem as spectacular was when I went there the first time, last year. Portions seems smaller, the bread & pizza seemed a bity greasier. On the plus side, service was very attentive and professional.
                            It was nice to see the place fill up on a Tuesday. Lots of businessmen.

                      2. re: a81

                        Wow, nothing like perpetuating a stereotype with a stereotype, right?

                        There are loads of "unsophisticated" restaurant crowds in Manhattan too. And there are loads of sucky restaurants there too. Lots of good ones too. Looking out of my NYC office right now at the options around, I'm not all that sure the percentages of crap-to-good are all that different either. It's simply a difference of proximity.

                        But the point isn't to compare in the first place. What good does that do? This board is about helping people find where to eat well - in the context of this board. Claiming the inherently inferiority of dining here - or the inferiority of the dining patrons here - doesn't do much to help that. It just perpetuates yet another unsavory stereotype of this region...

                        Now... debating whether Tarry Lodge is good, worth the money, better than other options within proximity... etc. I'm all for that.

                        I still haven't gone... plan to shortly. Of course I've been planning "to go shortly" for a good year now... I'm just too ADD to go there when I'm distracted by all the kick butt tacos nearby.

                        1. re: adamclyde

                          >>better than other options within proximity.


                          Definitely. Especially better than the taco places nearby.

                          1. re: anonymouse1935

                            Wait, wait - are you saying that Tarry Lodge is better than the taco joints? That's a pretty high bar to set because the carnitas tacos at Los Gemelos are pretty freaking awesome...

                            1. re: adamclyde

                              Yes I am. Eating an 'authentic' taco at one of those places is fine for a quick lunch. So is getting a hot dog at So Dam Hot or getting a burger at BSF.

                              Eating at Tarry Lodge is dining.

                              1. re: anonymouse1935

                                A smart dude once said great food creates its own ambiance. So, to bastardize the phrase for my own purposes, great food creates it's own dining experience.

                                Great Mexican food regardless of ambiance, price or gourmand accoutrements and service, to me, is very much great dining, in all aspects. I love all forms, but great dining is defined by the one dining. And to me, a great taco is very much as much as "dining" as would be tarry lodge. Or Per Se. Or Jean George.

                                Thankfully, to each his own...

            2. I ate there last night at the recommendation of my hotel concierge. Loved Esca, so what the hey. I was in the mood for fish and was thinking of heading to Morgan's fish house, but decided to go the Batali route.
              I was underwhelmed, but maybe I didn't order well. Had an excellent salad with prosecco. Service was good; tables squished together though. Got a table right away for party of one on a Tues eve.
              Ordered whole roasted branzino and broccoli rabe. The broc rabe was undercooked and the fish mushy. Men next to me ordered lamb and beef and they seemed very happy and it looked delish.
              Not cheap. $83 with 2 glasses of wine, tip and no dessert.

              I won't give up on this place just yet, since I travel here for work quite often. But I think next time I'd try the small plates/appetizers, and (sadly) steer clear of the fish.

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              1. re: NYchowcook

                Have to side with adamclyde on this one. Good eats are good eats regardless of where it is or on what type of plate it's on--bbq joints, noodles carts, taco trucks, etc...quick lunch or not! I would choose to have a taco al pastor from this one stand in Mexico City for "dinner" or breakfast or lunch or snack for that matter. The ambience is what the eater makes of it or creates.

                Pizzas and simple salads (IMO) are what to get at TL. I eat at bar mostly since service for me is better that way.

                1. re: cubanat

                  If you don't mind the ubiquitous Westchester taco from a dive, you have your choice in PC.

                  Tarry Lodge is dining, and it's still not NYC quality.

                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                    which taco place do you like in PC? There really aren't that many considering the huge number of restaurants in total in PC. Los Gemelos, Luis', Zarape and Kiosko unless I'm missing one (oh, rancho grande, I guess). Of those, Los Gemelos is the best. And while Los Gemelos and Kiosko may not be uber fancy, I would never characterize them as dives. They are tastefully decorated with thoughtfully prepared food (even if Los Gemelos has the most uncomfortable booth seating known to man).

                    In other words, tacos are neither ubiquitous in Westchester nor should Latin food be equated to dives. The fact is, PC has a LOT of different, distinct Latin cuisines, that run a spectrum of price points and quality levels.

                    Sorry for the diatribe... just trying to break the Latin food stereotypes that good Latin must = "dive" and all PC is tacos. Kind of my mission today, I guess. :-)

                    Westchester Restaurant
                    628 North Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10801

                    1. re: anonymouse1935

                      there have been very few people that have raved about any entree at TL (jfood included). Most have stated that TL is very good for pizza and pasta, the service can be suspect, yet you cannot get a reservation. Jfood would equate dining as more than adding a white table cloth to a pizza and pasta place.

                      If it were not for the ownership, this puppy would not garner half the accolades and given the accolades have been, well, less than stellar, this just ain;t dining.

                      If Adamclyde's Taco places were to add some table cloths, have less than adequate service, accept reservations and charge 10X as much then that would be dining in your book? Doubt it would be given that title. In jfood's book, dining needs a main course, not pizza and pasta and ownership that should be embarassed that the chef cannot serve up an entree.

                      If Jfood were to drive to PC for a meal he would prefer diving with AC at some great taco place then dining at TL. But then again, different strokes


                      1. re: jfood

                        i do not agree that dining must have an main course, id disagree in the 10 x charge comment, and lately fyi the entree have been fairly good imho ( fish)

                        1. re: intrepid

                          Do we all agree that eating=dining REGARDLESS of price, decor, etc? I can have a multi-course small plate dining experience at pat's hubba hubba (seriously) and it may or may not be "better" then any dishes at TL right?
                          Where did the "NYC quality" generalization come into play? Why can't we all just get along OR at least agree to disagree. GOOD food is great no matter where you are!

                          1. re: cubanat

                            yup i agree thats what i stated in y post essenmtially

                            1. re: cubanat

                              Sorry C, but there definitely is a difference between dining and eating in jfood's opinion so he will agrtee to disagree with others or see differently.

                              But you bring up a good point and jfood retracts the entree required for it to be a dining event. but it needs more that a pizza, pasta and a table cloth. BTW - PHB barely qualifies as eating.

                              The NYC quality is just crap that people like to use, jfood just ignores it. There is a place in Minneapolis, Bar La Grassa, that can absolutely blow the doors off TL ( Jfood can go there and have 3 pastas over 90 minutes or two pastas and an entree and it is a dining experience.

                              It sorta goes back to the analogy from the Supreme Court on Pornography.


                              1. re: jfood

                                I like my lunchtime prosecco, salumi platter and pizza margherita at the Tarry bar. Hard to find a better pizza in the area.

                                Agree that Adamclyde has a nose for food.

                                Oh, I'll know the supreme court when I see it.

                                1. re: jfood

                                  There is great food and there is great dining. To me, they are mutually exclusive. And that is OK.
                                  I LOVE a cheesesteak and hotdog and fries at Super Dupe Weenie in Fairfield. And eating it on premesis at the picnic tables is key so the fries stay hot and crisp. It's a meal I always look forward to.
                                  But when in search of great dining, I wouldn't take my wife to SDW for dinner. There is a difference. But again... it is OK (and good) that there is a difference.
                                  I would disagree with jfood however that a pasta centric place can't be considered fine dining. One of my favorite "dining" places is Pasta Nostra, and when I go there it is the rare occurance when I don't get pasta of some sort.

                                  1. re: foleyd7


                                    please re-read jfood's posts. He said there needs to be more than a white tablecloth to convert a pasta place to a dining experience. That includes service, ambience and a relaxing experience. Ifthat is what you receive at PN, then jfood agrees that it is dining Likewise as jfood stated with Bar LaGrassa, 3 pastas for 90 minutes and it was a dining experience.


                                    1. re: jfood

                                      This is clearly all opinion and preferences, and not about specifically Tarry Lodge, which has been flogged to death, so perhaps this discussion should be moved to the General Chowhounding topics board...

                                      1. re: roxlet

                                        Ok then so to get back on topic we have come to the unanimous conclusion that TL is great for pizza, a glass or 3 of bubbly and some of their small plate items BUT not so hot on fine dining-esque entrees and such. Thanks roxlet for putting an end to the great TL debate. Oh and what is flogging? I thought that was what they did to the salem witch's but then that would have to be discussed on the upper new england board I guess.

                                        1. re: cubanat

                                          At least it was nice to have jFood and adamclyde back on our board if only for a few posts. It just hasn't been the same round here in Westchester.

                                          1. re: laylag

                                            can't speak for AC but man it is like the south leavingthe union. wish the powers to be would re-consider.


                                            1. re: jfood

                                              Me too JFood, me too. Will you be hitting Fairway in Pelham or are you waiting for Stamford?

                                              1. re: laylag

                                                Jfood is very lucky where he lives that he has great meat and produce within 3 miles of his house. But the idea that sensory overload can be had once STM opens is just more than his will power will be able to control. So once stm opens, he'll be there as long as it does not look like a stew leonards on steroids and the clientele do not make him wish he made the wrong choice.


                                                1. re: jfood

                                                  It won't look like a Stew Leonards. I promise. You will love it.

                                                    1. re: jfood

                                                      trust me. it's like Stew's for grownups.

                                                      1. re: julietg

                                                        LOL Julie - So true. I may not be able to sleep tomorrow night waiting for it to open ;-)