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Mar 28, 2010 05:01 PM

What are "pasta-style" tomatoes?

Have a chicken recipe for the slow-cooker that calls for a can of "pasta-style" tomatoes. Just got back from Fairway and didn't find anything with that name. Any ideas?

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  1. Could it be that the recipe is alluding to Italian-style tomatoes? I'm pretty sure that there is no such thing as pasta-style. Hmm.

    1. Hunts always made them, also have seen them by contadina in the past. They are chunky tomatoes with oregano and other Italian seasoning. They can be tossed with fresh cooked pasta, right out of the can for a light sauce. As opposed to the heavy sauces that come in a jar.
      Sometimes called Pasta ready tomatoes

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        Okay...that makes sense. It's possible that Fairway just doesn't stock it...I'll try a different market. Thank you! BTW, are they any good?

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          A good quality canned whole tomato in juice or diced tomatoes can be used instead; just add your own seasoning. Chop the tomatoes, or crush by hand, add fresh or dried basil, garlic and onion.

          Pasta-style tomatoes were canned, seasoned tomatoes (usually diced) and did not need to be cooked as for a sauce, as bagelman01 mentioned. Since you're using them in a recipe that requires further cooking, why don't you concoct your own?

          Hunts, Contadina and Del Monte pack "Italian-style" tomatoes, which are diced tomatoes with seasonings. Pastene has a "Kitchen-ready" tomato, but it's labeled as such to indicate it's a crushed tomato and ready to use, rather than seasoned. I prefer Cento tomatoes for everyday pasta sauce, which pack a seasoned variety as well, but I use the unseasoned.

          I haven't seen the pasta-style or pasta-ready label on tomato products in the stores for some time now in NY, nor does Hunt's, Del Monte or Contadina have them on their product list at their websites. I think they may be labeled "Italian-style" tomatoes now, to indicate that they are seasoned; do not confuse them with imported Italian tomatoes.

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            Hunts now labels them as Diced Tomatoes with Garlic, Basil and Oregano, and oin their website suggests tossing it with pasta.

            Same Product, new name. Most large supermarkets should stock this. I was in our local Stop and shop this morning and it was on the shelves.

            1. re: bagelman01

              Thanks a million both of you. It is an older recipe that I just never got around to, so the name of the product has just changed since it was published. I'm off to the market...again!! :)