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Mar 28, 2010 04:09 PM

Quest for good food: LA food-lovers, where should we go?


We will be visiting LA for the first time from Chicago. We are foodies and have great appreciation for ALL types of food. We will pay (we'll be coming from a meal at TFL and have been to some of the best restaurants around), but we will also wait in line for a greasy brown bag of deliciousness. We have great pride in Chicago and all the wonderful finds it has to offer an adventurous food lover. I know we could just google some popular places, but I would love to hear from some LA folks who feel strongly about their food favorites... So, natives, anyplace you can't live without?....
Thanks for the time to reply! We're looking forward to coming to your city!!

  1. Start here:
    Take note of the wise words of Das Ubergeek and degustateur

    1. i'm curious - why did you create another thread on this? it seems like you're already off to a good start:

      1. jitlada, mariscos chente, parks bbq, elite, izakaya bincho, aoc, mozza, animal, izayoi, dinos burgers, ortolan, rickys tacos, moles la tia, kamatsu, shamshiri, javan, urasawa, tops, thai nakorn, zelo, angelini osteria, babita, original pancake house, panns, attari sandwich shop, xanh bistro, raffi's place, foo foo tei, philippes, portos, hatfields, noodle house, chantilly patisserie, luscious dumplings, chichen itza, church and state, mochica, mori sushi, sapp, campanile, sahag basturma, apple pan, serenata de garibaldi, shibucho, ondal, messob, ham ji park, primo's donuts, lucques, tacos baja ensanada, quan hy, feng mao mutton kabab, kotosh, sushi zo, urasawa, china islamic, langers, el taurino, kagaya, zankou, providence, mario's seafood, beverly tofu house, seafood village, sokongdong, bazaar, atlacatl, scoops, aoc, loteria, pollo a la brasa, nyala, orris, sunnin, torafuku, stan's donuts, bay cities, father's office, ocean star, roscoe's, etc.

        1. A thread similar to this is in progress, here: Please add your recommendations on that thread; we'll be locking this one. Thanks very much.