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Mar 28, 2010 04:04 PM

Sandwich slicing - whole vs. rectangle vs. triangle

This seems to be a bone of contention in some families, akin to the over/under toilet paper debate.

This story expounds upon possible explanations for the popularity of the triangle: but does not address the matter of halves vs. quarters.

My most frequent childhood lunch was spreadable liverwurst on firm white bread. My mother sliced it in half crosswise, then halved each rectangle lengthwise, so I had 4 logs on my plate. I have no idea why, nor have I ever seen anyone else slice a sandwich that way. Never thought to ask her when she was alive.

If you have a preference, do you know why?

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  1. i certainly can't speak for your dear departed mother, but i slice sandwiches that way for children because those "logs" are a more manageable size and shape for little hands and mouths.

    1. I'm a down-the-middle-to-form-two-rectangles kinda gal. I prefer more crust-free bites. I am also amazed at how strong my feelings are on this matter. :)

      1. Yah, I think what your mom did is a mom-thing -- slicing bread in manageable little slices. My parents called them "schäfchen" (baby sheep, lord knows why...).

        Nowadays, I'm fonder of the rectangular than the diagonal. I guess it depends on what's on the sammich. I find that BLTs are easier to handle when they're cut rectangular. With just cold cuts, it probably doesn't matter.

        Clearly, no strong feelings here either way '-D

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          Hey - my mom was raised in Germany so you may be on to a cultural thing! I never caught the bug - triangles for me, often in quarters..

        2. I read somewhere that slicing diagonally makes it easier to hold the halves of the sandwich. I personally have always sliced into rectangles, for no other reason that habit. Now that I think of it, slicing diagonally sounds oddly appealing..

          1. With open face sandwiches, cut in strips, called "bread sticks".