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Mar 28, 2010 04:01 PM

Suriname food in London?

I heard rumors that there should be a Surinamese restaurant in London. There's 1 in NYC and there's a whole lot of them in neighboring Amsterdam.
Given the size of London and Suriname's proximity to former UK colonies (Guyana etc) I'd think here ought to be at least 1 Surinamese restaurant in London...
Any help?
Second best, if no Surinamese food is available in London, would be Indonesian but then specifically Java style Indonesian (dying for a great saoto soup, it beats pho - and i love pho)



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  1. I wouldn't necessarily expect to find any Surinamese restaurants in London.

    You could try emailing the Suriname consulate to ask them if they know of any

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      I guess the official answer is -after having asked around a lot- that there is NO Surinamese restaurant in London. I'm considering doing some myself and sell it in the weekends on Spittalfields food market, just for fun

      1. re: rdeman

        I've only ever eaten Surinamese in Holland - not just Amsterdam - I think the best I ever had was in Nijmegen but it was like 20 years ago so can't remember the name of the place. Had a spicy tempeh at that place - rdeman do that at Spitalfields and you'll make a mint

    2. No Rob, no Surinamese restaurants here in London, I'm afraid :-( I have to make my own saoto soup! I am Surinamese Javanese myself. But I am craving for roti and pom! I do know a Surinamese lady here in London who is planning to open a restaurant... I'll check it out and I'll let you know!

      1. * BREAKING NEWS *

        There now IS Surinamese food in London! On the Farmers market that is.
        Saturdays at Hackney Homemade and elsewhere.


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        1. re: rdeman

          Thanks for the update!

          Not Surinamese by any means, but limster and I wrote up an excellent Indonesian place in a mall in Chinatown. Do a search for it as a lot of dishes will overlap (basically the soups like soto ayam.)

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. This isn't London and isn't a restaurant. but I think this lady has a market stall selling Surinamese food.


            Didn't read the whole thing so apologies is completely off topic.

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            1. re: brokentelephone

              Harringay and Hackney are indeed in London, so this could be a good tip. Anyone tried this food?