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Mar 28, 2010 02:33 PM

The Bulldog...........

Looks there there's one uptown and one midcity. What's the food like. I'm sure the beer is outstanding.

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  1. The food is good. I've never gone there for a meal, but have enjoyed a variety of bar snacks (chili cheese fries, nachos, etc). I think that's really the kitchen's purpose as the beer is definitely the main focus (about 50 on tap and countless varieties in bottles)

    1. The food is ok. It would not be good for a restaurant, but it's fine for a bar. The beer is the attraction, for sure. If you must eat there, just get a burger. The apps are actually not as good as the burgers.

      1. I agree with uptown librarian. The burgers are better than the apps. It's decent bar food.

        They both get pretty crowded on Wednesdays, when you can take home the glasses. The location in midcity has parking and is much larger, FWIW.

        1. Agree with above, burgers are really good at the Bulldog, but be sure to give them a temp for your patty or you will end up with a hockey puck-esque sandwich.

          1. Burgers are good. Really good for bar burgers.

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              I had a delicious six dollar pint of NOLA Brewing's IPA at the mid city location recently. Generating 720 dollars gross per keg on local beer ought to keep their coffers nice and full but for me it was one and done.

              Lots of places out here in Austin pull the same shenanigans with our local brand Live Oak.

              There are so many great mom and pop bars in New Orleans selling NOLA Brewing for 3 or 4 bucks a pint I don't see a return to the Bulldog anytime soon.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                Personally I like bars like The Bulldog and d.b.a because they have such a wide selection. The local stuff isn't even their draw IMO.