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Mar 28, 2010 02:29 PM

How is Maplewood Grill in Vienna, VA?

The lunch menu online looks good. Has anyone been to this restaurant since the changeover from Le Canard? Thanks.

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  1. The New Maplewood Grill is Fanatstic.. Upscale American menu and decor..
    Food is Outstanding at a reasonable price.. Everything from the Burger to the Veal..
    and as an added Bonus they have Great Piano Music Wednesday through Saturday nights, including Open Mic singing and group sing-a-longs.. Strongly suggest you give this new hot spot a try for Lunch or dinner..

    1. I recall that the first time I saw the new menu after the changeover, I wasn't terribly impressed. I gave it a look and forgot about it.

      Fortunately, one night when my husband and I realized we were seriously overworked and undernourished, I ordered carryout. I've been back since, and their cooking is solid. We particularly enjoy the roasted shrimp (the polenta cake and asparagus are nice variations), the scallops, and the mussel appetizer. The four cheese and pesto flatbread was nicely done, simple and satisfying. The crab "martini" contained a very nice combination of crab, corn, citrus, and avocado, but could use more zip. Also, a restaurant of this caliber might look for a bread with a little more character. Of the desserts, I can only report on the bread pudding, which was nice for those who prefer a moist pudding. I prefer a dry one to soak up the sauces if they are good, and these, one a vanilla hard sauce and the other a raspberry, would have done justice to such a treatment. The smells emanating from the Maplewood Grill are tantalizing, and I look forward to exploring their menu more fully.

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