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Mar 28, 2010 02:13 PM

Lare's Mexican - automatic tip [moved from LA]

Love this place, food is always good and great prices. However, went there last night with 4 other people and when the bill came, they had already added on 20% tip. I usually tip at least 20% and actually feel that when restaurants automatically add in tip they are usually leaving money on the table as it ranges from 16-18% of the bill.

When we asked about it our server responded that they automatically add in 20% tip for parties of 6 or more OR when the bill is over $100. Personally that makes no sense to me and actually really didn't like it all. What are other people's thoughts?

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  1. Personally, I think a restaurant can charge whatever it wants as long as it is disclosed BEFORE the diner orders.

    1. Auto tip personally upsets me, mainly because alot of the time with Auto-tip, you receive subpar service, because the server already knows he/she is getting 18% (or 20% in your case). Just last night for a birthday dinner for a friend, we had awful service (auto-tip), and the manager actually noticed we were upset by the looks on our faces, and took off over 25% of the bill and took off the auto-tip. But back to topic...

      I personally don't like auto-tip, and I usually tip more than that, but as long as it is disclosed before you order then there is nothing wrong with it.

      1. Disclosed + Earned = Paid

        No biggie. If the restaurant delivers 1; the server delivers 2; jfood delivers 3

        1. I guess that was my point - it wasn't disclosed anywhere and it was just added. In reality we should have been a lot angrier about than we were but the good news was that we had a good meal and the service deserved 20%. I just didn't like the response/explanation.

          1. when you say that lare's is: "always good and great prices" it suggests to me that you are a regular there.
            if i'm a regular at a restaurant, i normally would tip more than that, so that practice would have the restaurant shorting itself by doing that to me.

            i would have no problem with any of the restaurants on my regular rotation doing that; but would be much less comfortable with a new-to-me restaurant doing it .