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Mar 28, 2010 02:10 PM

Desserts using St. Germain

I recently got a bottle of St. Germain and have been enjoying using it to make various cocktails, but am interested in trying to make some desserts using it as a flavoring. Has anybody done this? I haven't had much luck Googling for recipes. I am guessing I could try to make some kind of cake?

I'd also like to try making some St. Germain-flavored ice cream. But last time I tried doing alcohol in an ice cream, it seemed like the recipe ( called for too much alcohol and it wouldn't set up and also tasted a little overwhelming. Anybody have any tips for figuring out how much to use? Or have another good ice cream recipe that uses a liqueur that could be easily adapted?

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  1. You can always cook out some of the alcohol, which will concentrate the flavor without the alcoholic component. That will enable it to set firmer too,

    1. I'd use it in a rum cake recipe, subbing for the rum. Should be delicious.

      I'm not sure if alcohol interferes with gelatin setting up (think not). You might try it in a panna cotta. That would be delicious and different.

      1. I subbed it for Grand Marnier in a pound cake recipe recently and it was delicious. Much more subtle than the GM would have been though, so keep that in mind.

        1. I made St. Germain flavored Sobert last year . It was okay but not amazing the flavor is very subtle and hard to capture.

          1. I just cut out this recipe from May's Food & Wine that I'm going to try. It's for Elderflower Sabayon with Berries -- . Sounds really good and perfect for the warm weather.