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Mar 28, 2010 02:10 PM

Seafood Dinner Reccomendations in Charleston, SC

Dear Hounds,

We are heading down to Charleston for our first visit this week and we'll be there Thursday night through lunch on Saturday. Reviewing the lists has made me a bit anxious, so I thought that I'd asking for some recommendations within a few parameters:

We like food and hope to eat seafood that is representative of the region. I am also cheap--not crazy cheap, but I'm not looking for a twenty-five to thirty dollar a plate entree sort of place doing a playful interpretation of Low Country Cooking.

The Inn provides breakfast and I am not worried about lunches, but dinner recommendations I need.

Also, what is the market like on Saturday morning?



Country Cooking Cafe
155 US Highway 520, Cusseta, GA 31805

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  1. Last first. The farmer's market is great. Local artists and craftspeople are there as well as farmers. It can be crowded, and people bring their dogs.

    There are tons of places that represent the region. FIG changes their menu based on what's available. Any good restaurant will have local fish specials. Oysters are still in season and they have been delicious. Shrimp season starts next month.

    Hank's, SNOB, High Cotton, Magnolia's will all have good local dishes. For she crab soup I like 82 Queen. They have a lovely patio and the fried green tomatoes are good too. For a little more downhome, try Jestine's.

    Avoid any place that has people standing outside asking you to come in. The good places don't need hawkers. Hope you have a great time. Charleston is beautiful right now!

    82 Queen
    82 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

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      No offense Sue, but I would urge the OP to check the menus online for SNOB, High Cotton and Magnolia's and make sure he's ok with their prices I think they are going to be out of his comfort zone.

      1. re: carolinadawg

        None taken dawg! But there are many entrees @$25. Now back to the game :O

    2. Given your desired price you'd be best avoiding places like FIG, Hank's, Magnolia's, etc simply because with a beverage, tax, and tip you're spending a decent amount of money. With that being said, you can go to these places but you'd be pushing it.

      If I were to pick one that might be on the verge, Hank's would be it. Get a reservation as they're always full. It's standard lowcountry seafood, some entrees are much more expensive than others, but the seafood platter's are in the upper teens to low twenties. Great food all the time, and the service is great!

      The Wreck on Sullivans is a great place to visit and the prices are not too high compared to downtown. CASH ONLY (or at least it was last time I went...) The seafood platters are great, get the deviled crab and stuff your face with great boiled peanuts that are given to you when you sit down.

      If you want something representative of the region try and find some Wreckfish as it's the 'local fare' and many restaurants serve it. FISH might be reasonable option, I believe many of their entrees are in the upper teens/low twenties. Also, Hominy Grill serves up a great shrimp & grits, and that's the 'iconic lowcountry' dish.

      Hominy Grill
      207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

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      1. re: JBurnsPatersonIV

        I know what you mean, but for first timers I think to visit one of the iconic Charleston restaurants is a good idea. I visit the ones I recommend regularly so I can make sure I'm current.

        The Wreck In Mount Pleasant on Shem Creek is also a local favorite (it's near my house) but people here have complained about paying $20 for fried seafood on a paper plate in a building with no AC and a tin roof. I like that stuff, but others don't. Those grit cakes are the best.

        And I agree, wreckfish may sound weird, but if you have it as a choice, get it. It's great.

      2. Amen Street on East Bay is representative of low country seafood and it is far less expensive than the other mentioned restaurants. They use local seafood, and it is prepared very well.

        1. In re: "the market" - I'm assuming you mean the City Market, not the farmer's market, since I don't believe the farmer's market has started up yet this year. The Market can get pretty busy on Saturdays. Try going early in the day if you don't like crowds.

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            The farmer's market downtown opened last Saturday! Yay!

          2. We had a very good dinner at Coast on John St whil ein Charlesptn last winter. The seafood was very fresh and well-prepared. I recall the prices being reasonable -- more like $20 for the average entree, and around $15 for the fried plates. It's in a former warehouse -- has an informal atmosphere that was nice break from our other Charleston choices