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Mar 28, 2010 01:32 PM

South Street Burger Co. ?

Has anyone tried this off shoot of NY Fries?

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  1. I have and Gourmet Burger Company which is just next to it on Yonge street near Yonge and Eglinton is way better.

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    1. re: garfield

      I want to like that GBC but the burger I had was super dry. Their toppings are great though. South St. Burger Co. was adequate, not the best burger ever, but hit the spot and wasn't offensive.


    2. I actually don't mind it and they are opening locations all over the suburbs. So if you're ever stuck and your choices are fast food chains, then SSB Co. is a great option.

      The meat is hormone-free, with no antibiotics or filler (according to their website). They have kid-sized combos too and you can top it your way just like you do at Harvey's or Lick's. Which is definitely a plus! The patties are also fresh and not frozen. I was equally impressed with all the gourmet cheese and sauce options.

      I actually really like the quality and texture of NY Fries, so it's a bonus for me. I go to the one at Eglinton & Laird and the place is always rammed during the day with people on their lunch break or kids! The line at lunch is usually 8-10 people deep, but it moves quickly.

      They also do milkshakes, veggie burgers and a decent poutine with that dark NY Fries gravy.

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      1. It's better than Licks or Harveys which is good because it's also more expensive. It's a better than average burger, at least at the location I tried on Laird near Eglinton.

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        1. re: GoodGravy

          Yes it is. Awesome onion rings too.

          Simple menu. Burger or burger w cheese and/or bacon....sums it up...but very, very good. Good fries too. The Laird location is great.

        2. i tried south street burger at the woodbine location... it seems a bit understaffed as it toook a long time to get order in/receive order. they claim to cook the burger to medium, but it was pretty well done and dry while the fries were undercooked... if i go again i will probably try requesting them to make it as rare as possible.

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          1. re: Pigurd

            At the midscale fast food burger places, I tend to always ask for it to be "Juicy".

            I often gotten some sort of gripe when I ask for anything other than well done. Some places will say they cook to a specific internal temperature (although, I've never seen anyone actually use a thermometer).

            If I ask for 'Juicy', then it creates a certain imagery in the cooks mind that may help in getting a non dry burger.

            of course, one thing we always lack in the discussion is the specific cook making the burger. Cooking burgers well does take some knowledge and skill. I will assume that many of the min wage cooks at these places don't know any better or could use some better practice.

            1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

              yea, i dont think the cook was particularly skilled... saw him squishing each burger with the spatula

              1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

                They used a thermometer for the first week when the opened at Dufferin and Steeles.

            2. I love the burgers there. They are good. I have one near where I live and go there a few times a month. IMHO its better than Licks for sure!