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Mar 28, 2010 01:30 PM

black bean recipes

We're cutting back the grocery budget and have discovered, or rediscovered, black beans. One of our favorite meals is the black beans and rice recipe out of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Then, use the leftovers (we usually soak and cook a whole bag) in tacos and enchiladas...what other tasty (and cheap!) things can we use them for?

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  1. Try black beans, some cubed avocado, some halved cherry tomatoes, a little sherry vinegar & some extra-virgin olive oil . . . salt & freshly ground black pepper to taste. Very easy and very good - can other stuff to taste, like freshly de-cobbed corn when it's in season.

    For a more substantial dish, this warm bean & quinoa salad could be made w/black beans:


    1. Love black beans and make them often. When in Mexico it's not uncommon to have black beans served for breakfast. They fry them down to make a paste or refried beans and put in quesadillas. I don't fry them but do put them in a pan and cook off all the liquid to achieve the same end point.

      Black beans and rice I can eat almost every day.

      1. we just make this fantastic black bean salad with shrimp (but honestly, you could leave out the shrimp and add more veggies, maybe avacados:

        I'll have to find my recipe for these great bean burritos, fantastic and never miss any meat.

        1. We often just have a bowl of homemade black beans w/ a poached/soft boiled/fried egg or two on top plus whatever combination of tomatillo salsa, cheddar, sour cream, scallions, etc. we have in the fridge. I generally use the black bean recipe from the NY Times (, and so there's a good bit of cilantro and other seasoning in there already, depending on how heavy handed I was when I made the pot. I'll also make a couple pounds at once and freeze them in smaller batches, which works great.

          1. This is on my 'to-try' list. Black bean burgers with rave reviews.

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              Oh yeah forgot those. Black bean cakes or burgers are excellent

              You could also do bean salads. Using black beans alone or mixing with other beans. Fine diced onion, peppers and anything else you like with some fragrant vinegars and oils.

              For a dramatic presentation use a ring mold or small tomato sauce can and fill with dressed black beans, and layer other ingredients for a black bean tower salad.