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Mar 28, 2010 12:39 PM

Cotija Cheese in Boston

Does anyone know of any specialty shops in Boston, maybe Beacon Hill that sells Cotija Cheese?


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  1. Someone posted recently saying that they found it at the South Bay Stop and Shop.

    1. I've seen it at the Porter Square Shaw's.

      1. It's getting increasingly easy to find, especially in markets that cater to Latino shoppers. I get mine at the South Bay Stop n' Shop (rightmost aisle of the store as you enter, sold in wedges). I'd think the Market Baskets and other big chains in Somerville, Eastie, Chelsea, and Everett would be good spots to look. Hi-Lo in JP will have it, I'm guessing, too.

        Per Chowhound itaunas, you might also look for "queso seco", another name for it or a very similar cheese. When desperate for it in places that don't seem to carry it (like upstate NH, not famous for its Mexican and Central American groceries), I have grated together quality feta and Parmesan as a reasonable substitute when making elotes.

        1. The Market Basket in Somerville carries it.

          1. I was in Maverick Sq this week and saw it in the Latin markets..