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Mar 28, 2010 11:49 AM

Jimmy Dean's Premium Hot Pork Sausage

After a week in LA, we absolutely DEVOURED Jimmy Dean's Premium Hot Pork Sausage – – might be one of the cheapest, most delicious things we've ever picked up. Is this available in Montreal? If not, does anyone know what spices are used in this?

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  1. does anyone know where i can find any type of Jimmy Dean's sausage? I'm dying to make my great grandmothers biscuits and gravy, but only jimmy dean will work. It would be impossible to use anything else, as I know she'd haunt me and use her cast iron skillet to spank me if I substituted anything but her beloved Jimmy Dean.

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      1. re: sparky11007

        I dunno, maybe its just me, but the thought of granny spanking sparky with a skillet is scary...

      2. According to Jimmy Dean's Facebook page, their products can be found at Canadian Costco's. If anybody can confirm this it would be appreciated, as well as if anyone know if any other retailers here (particularly in Quebec) carry it.

        1. Yeah, just make a day trip to the US to stock up. Ground sausage like back home is not something very common here.

          (I've never seen Jimmy Dean's products in Costco, fyi.)