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Mar 28, 2010 11:13 AM

Gary & Lenny's New York Delicatessen, Lawrenceville

Recently opened on Route 1 south across from Quakerbridge Mall in the old Denny's location.

We went today for lunch and had a great experience. J and I arrived at noon and were seated right away. Expect waits once the word gets out. The dining rooms have been spruced up and to the right as you enter, there's now a series of refrigerated display cases for desserts and takeout.

The menu is extensive and covers all the bases from breakfast to dinner. Jewish specialties are well represented along with smoked fish combos, a column of reubens and more. One highlight is their selection of Junior's cheesecakes by the slice! The real deal without having to go to NYC.

J ordered 2 eggs over easy with corned beef hash and I ordered the pastrami and corned beef reuben. Her eggs were cooked perfectly and the hash was home made with a good ratio of beef to potato. My reuben was outstanding. The plate included two baseball sized mounds (one corned beef & one pastrami) of ultra lean meat piled high on two crispy potato pancakes with coleslaw and russian dressing between the meat and the pancakes. Swiss was melted on top to finish it off. Would order again in a heartbeat.

Service was efficient and the kitchen was quick. All in all a great start and we look forward to returning for more. On the way out, we picked up a slice of Junior's cherry swirl cheesecake. It was gone 10 minutes after getting home!

note - Disregard the map and deli to the right. It is not the location or deli referred to here.

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  1. After looking at the menu on line, I would like to ask NY (jewish) Deli serves bacon and ham?

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    1. re: BigGeorge

      jewish doesnt necessarily mean kosher. and kosher doesnt necessarily mean glat kosher

    2. Do they have pastrami or corned beef sandwiches that as are good as Katz Deli? That would be absolutely awesome! -mJ

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        I haven't had their traditional sandwiches yet, but J did order the corned beef reuben on our last visit. Lots of meat piled midhigh ... not as over the top as those in NYC. Looked good but I was enjoying the "L3 Pastrami & Corned Beef reuben" served on two potato pancakes - for the second time!

        1. re: njfoodies

          Yes the Hot Pastrami and Hot corned Beef are Excellent! Would recommend highly! A+++

          1. re: Bubblicious

            I'll give it a try, but I have to say...the original post's mention of "ultra lean pastrami" would normally be a red flag to stay away.
            I'm willing to give them a shot, though. I hope they offer the option of pastrami the way it is supposed to be (with at least some fat on it). Otherwise, I'm afraid it would be a definite fail.

            1. re: The Professor

              OP here... Forget my description of the pastrami being ultra lean. My bad for an incorrect description of such an important aspect of any deli!

              I posted follow up pics below in this thread and one pic (and better yet - taste), is worth a thousand words! ymmv.


        2. Finally made it here yesterday. The $5 bowl of chicken noodle soup was a disappointment - tasted sort of institutional. Pastrami was OK, but nowhere near Katz's or even Harold's. Nice to have a deli close by again, but I'll stick with Harold's for my cravings.

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          1. re: cranrob

            I agree with you cranrob about Katz's and Harold's, just hope the quality of this new deli improves.

            1. re: cranrob

              You should try the Cabbage Borscht! So gooood!

            2. My husband and I went here last night and had a good meal. I ordered the L-3 based on your recommendation and loved it. We also shared an order of pierogies and my husband got a crock of French onion soup with his sandwich. The soup was on the salty side, but everything else was great. I know this used to be a Denny's (many fond high school memories there) but I would have thought they'd do more to spruce it up. We asked the waiter about the menu being almost identical to Moish & Itzy's in Newtown, PA and he said it was the same owners.

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              1. re: SarahEats

                I had a Reuben there last week that was very good. By the way, they have 9 different Reubens on the menu.

              2. So what brand of pastrami and corned beef do they use???
                I doubt it's homemade, but I'd love a nice surprise!

                Perhaps their brisket and turkey is homemade???
                that's usually the case, as it's way easier to make that onsite , compared to smoking and curing pastrami !!