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Mar 28, 2010 10:34 AM

Bone-in chicken thighs w/skin

I bought some chicken thighs in hopes of grilling them tonight. But it's pouring rain and is supposed to continue all night. What is the best way to prepare them in the oven to insure a nice crispy skin? Thanks.

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  1. The simplest way to prepare chicken thighs. I did this yesterday, actually.

    Dry chicken w/paper towel. Wet = Steaming. Dry = Roasting.
    Season liberally w/salt & pepper.

    Heat a pan, medium high, for a few minutes.
    Turn oven to 350.
    Once pan is hot, add oil (olive, veg, whatever.)
    Place chicken, skin side down in pan.
    Brown. Until crispy. Really get a nice color on there.
    Flip. Cook for 4 minutes.

    Transfer pan to oven, 15ish minutes. Maybe 20. Until juices run clear, when pierced, or 160something-170something on a meat thermometer.

    Transfer chicken to plate.

    Pan Sauce:
    Deglaze pan with ... wine + stock, just stock, or water.
    Reduce volume of liquid by half.
    Turn off heat.
    Add juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lemon... (lemon juice to "taste?")
    Season w/salt and pepper.
    2+ tablespoons of butter. swirl around until melted.

    1. Use an oven-safe pan. Brown the thighs skin-side down, no higher than medium since you need the fat to render before the skin gets too brown. Don't move them - when they are ready they will release. Once there's fat in the bottom of the pan, scatter chopped onion/garlic/herbs around the thighs while they brown, if you wish. Flip them skin side up and finish in the oven.

      1. We just started using a trick we learned from a recipe in Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc book.

        After the chicken thighs are cooked (we use a braised asian recipe), then put the thighes under the broiler for just a bit That will crisp up the skin.