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Mar 28, 2010 10:26 AM

Frozen lobster ravioli from Atwater Market

I just picked up fresh frozen lobster, duck and veal ravioli from the pasta shop at the market and am wondering what the best way to prepare would be, as generally the premade frozen storebought noodles I get at the grocery store end up with a gross slimy texture and watery when boiled... Can I bake in oven or simply put on the stovetop directly in a rosa sauce to heat? Or would you simply remove from freezer, boil in water and heat the sauce separately?


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  1. We pick up the duck ravioli from there every couple of weeks or so, when we're ready for a quick easy meal. They're quite good. Generally, we sautee the duck ravioli in pan with a bit of chicken broth, wild mushrooms, garlic and rosemary. So, your idea of simply putting on the stove-top in a rosa sauce would likely be best. These are barely frozen and good-to-go quite quickly.

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      I ended up whipping up a quick lunch right after posting and realized after about forty seconds in the pot of boiling water, that it was a wasted effort and simply transfered the pasta right into the saucepan. Turned out very good for a quick lunch, and you're right that they're barely frozen as it took about three minutes of prep! I'm looking forward to trying the duck out tomorrow afternoon!

    2. OliverB those sound fabulous - where is this place in Atwater?