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Mar 28, 2010 09:56 AM

A baggage handler stole my Duke's Mayo!

I just returned to California from visiting my folks in Virginia. While there, I purchased some Duke's mayonnaise, a regional favorite, and also some expensive vodka-filled chocolates from my brother's PX at Fort Lee. While packing, the seams of the suitcase seemed stretched, so I put a piece of duct tape around the suitcase. When I got home, I noticed that the duct tape had been slit, and the mayonnaise was gone! Some baggage handler, either in Virginia or my connection in Dallas, thought stealing my Duke's mayo was worth risking going to the big house for! They left the European chocolates, but stole my mayo! A testament to the quality and allure of Duke's!

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  1. Sorry - but I laughed when I read this. I love Duke's mayo too! Too bad you won't have yours to enjoy!

    Addendum: I just checked and it's available at - maybe you could order some?

    1. Maybe the following "Can you Top this" won't make you feel great but it is a true story.

      1986 - Jfood stops by Sonny Bryan's BBQ Pit in Dallas on his way to DFW and the flight home to NJ. Per his monthly ritual, he has his hefty bag ready for his order of 10# each of ribs and brisket. As he is waiting he is shooting the breeze with one of the guys who tells jfood the following story...

      "Two business men called here last week telling me they wanted 200# of brisket, ribs and ham to take back to Japan. They came by three days ago to pick it up. We had it all packed up nice. They paid and left. Yesterday I got this call, "Hello this is Mr Ito in Japan. We took all the BBQ to the airport and when we got to Narita the boxes never showed up." You know what I told him... Yeah I heard there was a big f%$king BBQ at DFW last night. Thanks Buddy."

      So a jar of Mayo ain't nothing compared to 600 pounds of some of the best BBQ jfood has ever tasted.

      1. wow that sucks, Duke's is my new mayo thanks to CH, lucky I live in Fl where it is often BOGOF

        1. This is the first I've heard of Duke's mayo (I just love the pieces of info I pick up on Chowhound!). I'm going to Richmond, VA to visit friends soon and will be sure to pick some up.

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            It is thick and rich, so wonderful.....don't get me started, I'll become bitter!

            1. re: mothrpoet

              mothrpoet, I'm truly sorry! What a crime! I picked up some Duke's in your honor today, for my first potato salad of the year. :)

          2. Bastards! Karma will rain down on that baggage handler, I have no doubt.