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Mar 28, 2010 09:07 AM

Private Room for 20

Anyone know of a tavern/restaurant that has a private room with tables that would seat 18-20 people. Location is flexible but would prefer Catonsville-Howard County-Owings Mills areas ?
We would need it for about 7-8 hours on Saturday April 10th from 230p-10p ish and would be purchasing food/drinks during that time.


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  1. Not quite the area you specified, but we had an excellent private dinner party for 18 at the Wine Market in Locust Point this past Friday evening. They set us up in a side tasting room so it was a private area that was perfectly sized for 18 -- though could easily have accomodated 10 more. Worked with the manager -- there was no minimum food/drink order (though we easily cleared $500), but to expedite service the manager asked us to design a limited menu as a subset of the regular menu, with 3 appetizers, 3 starters, and 3 desserts (it was only challenging b/c everything sounded great!). The manager, Ryan, was fantastic to work with - responsive and prompt and met our needs.

    Not sure how they would handle the 8 hours need - in that regard they might require some sort of minimum if you expected dedicated service during that time.

    Service was fantastic, and they only added a charge of about $20 to the overall tab for the cost of extra table/chair rental.

    Wine Market
    921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230