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Mar 28, 2010 07:30 AM

Domenica & Clancy's

A friend came in from out-of-town this weekend and booked a room at The Roosevelt. This was my excuse to check out the Old Hotel and I was pleased with everything other than the clientele's raiment and behavior. My friend and I were the only men in coat & tie in the Sazerac and, on Saturday, at breakfast. Well, that is to be expected. A young man named Tim made very good sazeracs, with minor amendations by Yr Hmble Svt, and also made a excellent martini on the rocks which, I realize, is not the way kiddies like to have them these days but I am an adamant ice addict. A boisterous crowd appeared and made things rather unsettling for awhile and we decamped to Domenica for comparative quiet. Domenica was pleasant enough that we went for lunch the next day. My firend had a "cured" salmon pizza and enjoyed that..I had the highly touted brussel sprouts which were very nice although they are not the "cutting edge" item that so many seem to crave these days. It was, in all quite pleasant.

Went up to Clancy's for dinner. Sweetbreads, as usual, and they were excellent. Had veal chop which was marvelous..charred perfectly, good dose of garlic butter I asked was "swimming in butter" and we like that. Other than goddamn basketball on the TV in the bar it was altogether a fabulous night. Saw many old friends and ticked off some cardiac health on the way.

123 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA 70112

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  1. Morning dress (so to speak) is moreso the exception rather than the norm these days unfortunately...That said, sounds like you had the dining trifecta..

    The tv in the bar is really a culinary killjoy.....Is that where you dined?

    1. Clancy's has a TV in the bar??? When did that happen?

      Curious about your sazerac tweaks at the Roosevelt. (I find most sazzes over-sweetened nowadays.)

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        Actuall;y, I was in there twonights, once time in the little room next to the bar and then at the bar the other time. That TV--or "a TV" has been in there forever. I remember back in the early 1980's when it was one one late afternoon and Bill elder reported an offshore oil platform explosion. Two men sitting a defense attorney for the oil company and the other a plaintiff lawyer for derrick accidents...ordered champagne for the bar.

        I had the Sazeracs "not too sweet" ...came out just fine.