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Mar 27, 2010 10:31 PM

Montego Bay Gold Rum?

Anyone know if it's at least decent? I bought some gold rum to use for the making of some spiced rum (recipe here: for some eggnog (recipe here: Problem is, doing a Google search for 'Montego Bay gold rum' doesn't result in anything useful. Has anyone tried this brand?

Also, if I want to use 250mL (1/3 of amount indicated by recipe above) of the gold rum for spiced rum, should I steep 1/3 of the spices for 24 hours or keep the same amount buy cut the duration by 1/3?

To further complicate things, I'm not that great at tasting/judging alcoholic drinks. Sorry!

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

(If anyone is wondering, I bought gold rum since I didn't need that much spiced rum and gold rum seemed more versatile.)

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  1. You already bought it, right? Whether or not you think you're great at tasting/judging, you'll be the one drinking the results. It's your perception that matters, not anyone else's.

    So pour yourself a glass and decide whether or not you think the stuff is up to snuff. First sniff. Does it smell sugary, like light molasses? Or do you detect some off chemical notes? Swirl the glass and look at the viscosity of the liquid--is it thick or thin? Hold it up to the light. Does it gleam, or seem a bit cloudy? Sip. Does it hit you with straight alcohol, a bit of sweetness, molasses flavor, vanilla, leather, cinnamon, or other notes? Does it coat your palate as you swallow? Burn on the way down? And most importantly, did you enjoy the experience enough to take another sip?

    Have fun!