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Mar 27, 2010 08:29 PM

Cuisinart Smart Stick owners - can it handle frozen strawberries?

I wandered into Sur LaTable to check out immersion blenders after trying the mega heavy but impressive Bamix at Williams Sonoma. Still in the box is the $30 Cuisinart Smart Stick 200 Watts (more than my now defunct Braun).

Before I break it out, will this work on whole frozen strawberries? They did advise me not to use it for ice cubes.

Sure I'd love to have a Bamix but for $150? Should I spend the extra money for the Kitchenaid at $89-99? I'm not trying to make pesto, mayo, just smoothies and it's main use will be for making marinara weekly.

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  1. It's okay but not great---but I've never used the Bamix so no clue how it compares there. I've never had anything break the Smart Stick but frozen strawberries (and other frozen things---chunks of pesto, etc.) do get stuck above the blade and then you have to stop, free them, and start again. I'm typically blending them with either cream or yogurt (so liquids or close to) and find that the more liquid, the better. It will eventually get through them; just needs a little hand-holding. We switched to local strawberries (for other reasons) and buy a few big batches in the spring and fall and now I just slice them before freezing them, which seemed to solve the problem.

    However, I love my Smart Stick in general and definitely think it was money well spent/saved....mine's going on six years, and there really aren't very many things it can't do. The few that I've found are a bit irritating, but not $100 irritating! It will blow through the marinara no problem. :)

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      Thanks so much. I can always thaw the strawberries in the microwave first or use a real blender for them.

    2. We normally use a blender, but when on holiday we take a stick blender to make our frozen strawberry &, blueberry, flax seed powder, banana, apple and yoghurt smoothie. It seems to need the yoghurt to provide a medium to make a decent job of breaking down the frozen fruit.