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Mar 27, 2010 08:02 PM

What's your opinion on Philly's best all around coffee shop?

So where do I go for the town's best espresso and most skilled barristas?

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  1. Ultimo Coffee in South Philly by far. Besides having great espresso and espresso drinks, they also do pour over cups with a 4 daily selections.

    Spruce St Coffee and La Colombe in CC are pretty good, but I have found the baristas at both to be inconsistent. The actual coffee beans are better at Spruce St (Counter Culture).

    I've heard good things about Chestnut Hill Coffee, but haven't been as it's pretty out of the way for me.

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      I like C-Hill coffee, but don't consider it the 'destination' that others do.

      i really liked the old Stella (Stellar?) at 10th and spruce. haven't been to the new one.

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        Love Center City's La Colombe. The baristas understand coffee and have always been sweet to me, but I've heard a few stories about the occasional cranky ones...

      2. Rays Cafe and Tea House in chinatown is pretty unique- siphon coffee and 12-hour drop
        A bit pricey but a cool experience

        1. Its been a while since this post, but I had to put my advice in.

          Ultimo is by far the best in the city. They are the place to go for both espresso, and coffee.