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Mar 27, 2010 07:37 PM

Tasting Menus in Denver?

I have enjoyed a lot of the top restaurants in denver and am currently looking for restaurants close to lodo that are offering tasting/chef menus (approx. 6+ courses).

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  1. A couple in downtown Denver (although not LoDo) are Restaurant Kevin Taylor in the Hotel Teatro and Palace Arms in the Brown Palace. At 7th and Grant, Chef Frank Bonanno’s Mizuna and Luca D’Italia both have wonderful tasting menus. I thought I remembered hearing that Rioja will do them on request (and others might as well even if it’s not listed on their website, so it’s worth calling ahead and inquiring). You can order Sushi Sasa’s omakase at different price levels starting at $60. Even restaurants that don’t traditionally have tasting menus available will periodically have special multi-course wine and beer dinners (such as the Gundlach Bundschu wine dinner coming up on April 6th at Elway’s Cherry Creek and the Wynkoop Brewery/Stranahan’s Whiskey dinner at Duo on April 20th).

    Outside of Denver, Frasca in Boulder has an amazing one every night (four courses, which you can extend by ordering salumi and frico to start). If you are really hungry, you could always request an extra primi or antipasti course a la carte before the entrée. Flagstaff House in Boulder also does tasting menus, as does Opus in Littleton.

    225 East Seventh Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

    1431 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80202

    Sushi Sasa
    2401 15th Street, Suite 80, Denver, CO 80202

    Restaurant Kevin Taylor
    1106 Fourteenth Street, Denver, CO 80202

    Flagstaff House Restaurant
    1138 Flagstaff Dr, Boulder, CO 80302

    Elway's Restaurant
    2500 E 1st Ave Ste B101, Denver, CO 80206

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    1. re: rlm

      thank you...good leads. would say rioja, kevin taylor, palace, and kevin taylor would be my front runners due to location (i don't want to drive or cab it). also know some people at several you mentioned (worked with or almost worked with quite a few).


      1. re: alpine chef

        i wouldn't put elway's and wynkoop in the same category as kevin taylor (which is really quite wonderful) or flagstaff house (which is a hike from denver -- and worth hiring a limo because it's in the boulder foothills and tricky to navigate). other than that, RLM's suggestions are sound.

        1. re: gumbosally

          Read closely: I mentioned a special dinner at Duo that featured beverages from the Wyknoop Brewery and Stranahan's Whiskey, not the actual Wynkoop. That and the Elway's suggestions were examples of then-current special pairing dinners I was aware of (had just received e-mails on them).

          For my money, I would always choose Frasca's tasting menu over anyone else's (and Dish in Edwards if we're talking all of Colorado).

          Elway's Restaurant
          2500 E 1st Ave Ste B101, Denver, CO 80206

    2. Firenze a Tavola's "community table" menu is a tasting menu ( Located in the Highlands in NW Denver. Not on the same caliber as Frasca, but good in its own way. Bring earplugs -- just in case.

      Firenze a Tavola
      4401 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212