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Mar 27, 2010 05:25 PM

Koo Zee Doo

Thinking of taking a few friends to this portuguese restaurant. It has received rave reviews from critics but what do the chowhounds think?

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    It's awesome, I was just there last night and everything was better than ever. It's one of the best restaurants in the city right now.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Is there a dish you would recommend?

      1. re: foodrun

        Everything is very good, but some standouts include the moelas (chicken gizzards), the pork and clams dish, and the duck rice. And dessert. Their desserts are some of the best in the city.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try the gizzards. Can't wait

    2. Would agree with the recommendation for the gizzards and duck rice.. The baccala salad is not to be missed. Word of warning .... All of the hot dishes are super salty

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      1. re: Nigeltab

        Surprised to hear that. Was that from a recent visit?

      2. We were there Friday evening.
        Most of the dishes we tried were very good, but not all.
        Favorites: gizzards, grilled sardines, turnovers, coconut tart for dessert.
        One of our entrees was the lamb shoulder (a special that evening) and the meat was very dry - I couldn't even finish my portion.
        I am sorry we didn't get to try one of the salads; I think I would have been happier.
        Noise level was fine earlier, but it did get quite loud as the evening progressed. This doesn't bother everyone, but we like to be able to talk to our tablemates.
        We will return, but will try for a weekday or early. More "we'll get back here" than "can't wait to get back."

        1. Sorry to be the dissenter. Went twice, both times while the owners were lovely and the bread was super, with rare exception, the food was very, very, very heavy and fat added often as cream. No one could eat more than a few forkfuls of a dish. Cod was great but two forkfuls was all that was needed. We ordered too much, but 80% of food was left. Of the two trips and 9 people total, no one said they would return. This is why Laban writes reviews, not me.

          1. Haven't heard Koo Zee Doo come up recently on the board. Anyone been in past few months that can offer an update? I went about a year ago and liked but didn't love it, thinking about going back.

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              We went a few months ago. It was ok. For us, since there are so many great places returning isn't high on our list.