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Robb Walsh departs the Houston Press

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Two months shy of his 10th anniversary he's going freelance to concentrate on his career as a cookbook author; he'll continue blogging on his website and contribute occasional features to the paper.

The announcement on his website is here: http://www.robbwalsh.com/2010/03/robb...

There's a blurb on the Press website too where comments are open, mostly accolades and regrets.

Walsh has had a tremendous impact on the Houston scene; I first learned of CH through a comment of his years ago when he called it his favorite food message board. That was back in the Jim Leff days when there was more of a distinction between hounds and foodies. There won't hardly be any reason to read the Press anymore for me.

Here's hoping the Press makes a good effort to find a replacement who'll have a similar impact instead of just promoting one of their cliche ridden crop of bloggers and press release regurgitators.

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