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Mar 27, 2010 03:02 PM

Bomboloni: very poor

I went to Bombolini yesterday with the highest of hopes. I am sorry to report that their bombolini do not resemble anything I ever ate in Italy, nor do they resemble anything in the doughnut family that I have ever encountered. In a word, they are terrible. They resemble leaden fried biscuits more than anything else. If they use a yeast dough, I'd be extremely surprised. Their so-called Valrhona bombolino must also be false advertising: it had no chocolate flavor whatsoever and the glaze had a waxy texture. These are certainly the worst doughnuts I've ever had in New York and perhaps anywhere.

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  1. Yup, I was quite disappointed as well. I also had the Valrhona today and it was flavorless.

    1. What a disappointment :(
      I've been looking forward to the opening for a LONG time!

      1. We stopped in yesterday and had a "regular" and a pistachio, and while it was better than terrible, it wasn't very memorable. There's very little cream filling in them at all, too.
        One other annoying factor-they are $1 a piece, but they charge tax on that, so it's really $1.09...which means everyone is fumbling for change or waiting for them to count out the change.

        1. I'm sorry to hear this. I wanted to try them when we came this summer. Looks like they might not be there by then.

          1. Is this really a surprise?