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Mar 27, 2010 02:01 PM

Day trip to Philly.Any good breakfast spots?

need ideas on where to eat breakfast

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  1. Cafe Estelle is a great place, though you'll need a car to get there as it's on the edge of downtown. Dutch Eating Place at Reading terminal Market,if you're there later in the week.

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      I've read many good things about Kanella's lately but haven't been there yet. One column was in a national magazine.

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        The pancakes at the Dutch Eating Place are great but for fancier fare try Sabrina's or Cafe Estelle. Honey's is pretty good too.

      2. You won't go wrong with Honey's , Sabrina's , Cafe Estelle , or Carmens Country Kitchen. All of these are excellent and head and shoulders better than any other breakfast options in the city.

        Country Kitchen
        365 Main St Ste 1, Sayreville, NJ 08872

        1. Just came back from spending a long weekend in Philly. Breakfast at Sabrina's was worth the effort. Be prepared to wait. We did follow advice from others and called ahead to get our name on the list as we were leaving hotel. We definitely were moved up on the list when we arrived. The food was really incredible. Scrapple and french toast were esp amazing. And as mentioned on another CH posting, they do offer half -portions on some items but don't advertise that. My husband did that with the stuffed french toast.

          1. Honey’s Sit n’Eat is wonderful. I’m happy for people who enjoy Sabrina’s, but I’ve been to the Italian Market location twice and both times our dishes were blander than they are at other restaurants, and seemed soggy. A friend once ordered a pancake special that looked and tasted like it was covered with orange baby food. Sorry ;) Creperie Beau Monde and Plough & Stars are nice.

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              I should have clarified which location we visited. 18th and Callowhill. And nothing was soggy. Every dish we had was delightfully yummy. We weren't sure which location to go to as we were half way in between both locations. I guess I'm glad we chose to walk to Callowhill.

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                Good to know--will try the Callowhill location! & perhaps we just visited the Italian Market location on 'off' days--it's so popular, but we weren't sure if it was because of the food, the charming ambiance, or if it was just because there weren't many brunch places nearby :)