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Mar 27, 2010 12:35 PM

Good entree salads at the Shore

My partner loves entree -sized salads but they seem to be out of style or something, so she ends up ordering some kind of salad (8-11 range, not big) and an appetizer. Anybody know of a shore restaurant (we live in Long Branch) restaurant that has good entree salads?

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  1. Nikos in Long Branch has good salads, several of which can be ordered large or small...

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      I never know what to call that restaurant--in Ursula Plaza, right? We love it but have only had the greek salad that comes with a souvlaki platter, and it was good. I think they took down Niko's sign are now just "Greek Grill." Whatever. Food is great.

    2. Rooneys has a whole bunch of entree sized salads, I lik eteh chopped salad w/ steak

      Beachfront Salad 15
      greens with candied pecans, fresh pears, red onions, “Maytag” bleu cheese,
      sundried cherries with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing
      Chopped Salad 16
      finely chopped romaine, iceberg & radicchio, sundried cranberries, crumbled
      “Maytag” bleu cheese, candied pecans all tossed with a sweet Vidalia onion dressing
      with fried calamari 20
      with sliced marinated flank steak 20
      Spinach Salad 15
      baby spinach, bacon, grape tomatoes, Bermuda onions, sliced mushrooms diced
      eggs and feta cheese served with a warm white balsamic vinaigrette dressing
      with applewood smoked bacon wrapped scallops 22
      Mesclun Salad 15
      with kalamata olives, marinated asparagus spears, red & yellow
      beefsteak tomatoes, scallions, pignoli nuts, served with goat cheese
      croutons & an opal basil vinaigrette
      Caesar Salad 11
      chopped romaine, parmesan cheese and croutons
      with grilled or blackened chicken 15
      with grilled or blackened shrimp (4) 22
      Key West Crab Salad 25
      chopped romaine garnished with plum tomatoes, hearts of palm, diced
      cucumbers and mandarin oranges topped with jumbo lump crabmeat
      finished with a passion fruit & prickly pear vinaigrette
      Beet Salad 13
      with walnut and crumbled goat cheese served over baby arug

      Vidalia Restaurant
      21 Phillips Ave, Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

      Key West Cafe
      4701 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, NJ 08260

      1. Main course salads have never gone out of style, but they are usually more available at lunch rather than at dinner.

        The lunch menu at Bay Avenue Trattoria, in Highlands, has several large portion salads which can be augmented with chicken. While I've not yet had any of them (just went to BAT for the first time), I have had Chef Joe Romanowski's main course salads at his previous restaurant, Joe & Maggie's, and they were first-rate.

        Photos of our lunch at Bay Avenue Trattoria can be viewed here:

        With regard to Rooney's, the ocean view is fabulous but, unfortunately, the food is barely mediocre.

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          Thanks for the tip; we'll check out BAT sometime.

        2. The Ocean Cafe in West End offers lots of entree-sized salads.

          Sallee Tee's and Charley's Ocean Grill both offer several different salads to which you can add your choice of protein. My favorite thing to order at Charley's, after a cosmo, is the pan-seared yellow-fin tuna over mesclun greens or arugula. The chef changes the homemade dressing daily.

          1. I've had several great full-size salads at Atlantic Bar & Grill, although I think they were on the daily "specials" menu.

            Atlantic Bar & Grill
            24th Ave and Central Ave, South Seaside Park, NJ 08752