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Joe Sepie's Cafe on Jefferson Highway...........

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What can you tell me about this restaurant. Looks nice to me.


Joe Sepie's
4402 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

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  1. Here's a review:


    1. Actually ended up grabbing a late lunch there today. Had the ultimate roast beef, dressed, with Swiss. The best roast beef po-boy I've ever had--it was just a great balance of flavors, in my opinion. Also, there weren't very many onion rings in my order, but they were good as well, and filling.

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        Joe Sepie's indeed does our local RB tradition proud. People keep telling me that the BBQ beef is equally good, but I'm not a fan of the wet-BBQ-beef sandwich. The proprietor, Mr. Theriot, is always around & very friendly.

        Joe Sepie's
        4402 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

      2. My uncle is good friends with Pete, the owner, so I go there with some frequency. I am a big fan of his sandwiches. RB po-boy is especially good, as others have said. But his panini's are rather delicious as well. There isn't really anything on the menu I don't like. It's an easy going place where you can feel good about ordering just about anything. My only complaint was the tamales. They are a kind I was unfamiliar with and I wasn't a fan. Otherwise, I like it all.

        Update: I just read that review midcity posted and should note that I tried the tamales when he first introduced them, so they may in fact be on par with the rest of the menu at this point.

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          Nah, the tamales are still a bit odd: the filling & masa are all mixed together so that each tamale is a homogenous blend. Flavor was fine, I didn't care for the all-mixed-up style either.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            The tamales are an attempt at Manuel's - they claim to have the recipe. They are similar with the homogenous blend masa and meat and even smell very similar. But I find something missing - not sure what. Might get some tomorrow to do some research! ;-)

            1. re: Leo in BR

              If you're headed there soon, there's an appetizer there called "muffuletta bites" or something like that. It's evidently some kind of mozz stick/muff/eggroll. Sounds amazing.

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                Those are pretty good. It's muffuletta insides done mozzarella stick style. I generally order some when I go.

        2. in addition to the RB, the fried seafood platter is worth ordering. he has specials on certain days of the week for different items at $1 or $2 off.

          1. Here's a snippet from our visit there last year: