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Mar 27, 2010 11:53 AM

Tipping at Tachibana?

Hey all,

So i've been going to tachibana the past few weeks. I sit at the sushi bar and order everything from the chef a la carte. Once my bill comes i tip 20% of my bill. Does this go to the sushi chef or to the waiter that brings my drink? What is the proper way to tip at the sushi bar?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Are you asking in the context of a specific restaurant named Tachibana? If so, you'd probably do better to post this on the geographic board where it is located. If you're looking for general information about tipping in sushi bars, you might want to re-word your post so that it isn't specific to one restaurant.

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      yeah i did post it on the geographic board where its located, i guess a admin moved my post here, which sucks because it only makes sense in the geographic board its located in. And it wont let me edit my original post, nice.

    2. jfood places his tip on his credit card. How the restaurant splits it after he leaves is their business. If you want to slip the sushi chef some extra $, nice idea.

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        Your opinions and advice are extremely important and valued, and I am always very grateful to have them, but In order to give the OP an answer to his question, can you tell us how the restaurant Tachibana splits tips between the waitstaff and the sushi chefs? Thanks!

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          As jfood has posted on numerous threads he is a customer and it is not his business how a restaurant splits tips, pays its kitchen staff, offers or does not offer benefits. Whether this is Tachibana, Tony's Diner or Per Se. If the OP is so inclined or just curious s/he can ask the manager either in person or by phone how Tachibana splits tips. This seems weird to jfood, but hey he has seen lots of weird stuff in his life

          Jfood would offer two other suggestions to this OP if s/he is more than satisfied with the service at Tachibana or elsewhere:

          1 - Leave the normal tip and then leave the Itamae a separate tip to show appreciation. This has worked very well for jfood in both the US and Tokyo. It appears to be an accepted custom in both regions;
          2 - If there is someone on staff who has performed over and beyond, slip them some money on the way out. Jfood has slipped the busboy a $10 on the way out the door for stepping in when the server failed.

          This procedure is good for any restaurant, not just Tachibana, which is why the Mods probably moved it to this thread.

          Thanks for the opportunity to help and he apologizes for not having the specifics of Tachibana. Maybe you can give them a call and report back to OP.

      2. Through some investigative tachibana...jfood uncovered the phone number

        Then a simple call and spoke to the restaurant.

        Answer - Everyone splits the tips including the sushi chef.

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            Jfood's pleasure. Used to live off Spout Run in Arlington.

            This answer as you saw was a path filled with speed bumps.