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Mar 27, 2010 11:49 AM

Pastry bags for dough help

I'm a complete novice at using pastry bags and need recommendations on which type/brand to use. I saw other posts on this topic but all of them were regarding frostings. I am trying to make churros and the one pastry bag i attempted to use came apart since the dough is so thick and it was my first time using one.

The recipe calls for pastry bag and 1/2 inch star tip. I just need recommendations on what is ideal for dough AND a beginner.


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  1. Cozy up to your favorite florist and ask for some cellophane wrapping. Works great as pastry bags in a pinch.

    1. a ziplock bag with the corner cut a bit. Do you have any tips? pop a tip inside the bag for extra accuracy, but it's not necessary.

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        Yes I have the star tip and the coupler but no remaining bags. It was one of those assemble all the pieces type of thing and the bag fell apart with the dough micture.

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          When piping a dense batter, I'd suggest duct-taping around the tip to tightly seal it to the zipper bag. You can get disposable single use plastic pastry bags but they are thinner than a zipper bag.

          1. re: greygarious

            You could also use a coupler, which keeps the bag from blowing out around the tip:

            The inside plastic piece holds the tip and goes into the bag. The bigger piece goes around the outside of the bag and tip, and screws into the inside plastic piece. No blowouts.

        2. I wouldn't use a ziplock bag if you're doing a really thick dough; you'll find that the seams split if you have a dough that requires some real force. Buy instead the pastry bags which are meant to be washed and reused. These can handle any kind of dough when paired with a pastry tip and coupler. Washing pastry bags is annoying but not that difficult, and it will be a LOT less frustrating than being caught without a dependable bag.

          1. Definitely get a hold of a reusable cloth piping bag lined with plastic/polymers/what not. They're easy to clean and totally worth the few extra minutes spent at the sink.

            I piped about ten pounds of rather uncooperative shortbread dough through mine last week and it came out just fine in spite of my worrying!