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Mar 27, 2010 11:32 AM

New York Country Club- Spring Valley

Hi- I am looking for a location for my wedding ceremony/reception on a Saturday evening in either July or August of 2011. There will be about 150 guests. I came across the New York Country Club in Spring Valley, NY. I was wondering if anyone had ever had or attended an event there and could give me a review. They sent me the menu and seem like they have a ton of food choices but I wanted to make sure that the food was good before I did anything else. Thanks!

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  1. I am not but try the Patriot Hills CC in Stony Point.

    1. My sister had her wedding there. I thought they did an amazing job and the food was good.

      1. MHart1- have you gotten any further information since March? I'm trying to get reviews myself and haven't had much luck finding anything on the internet.

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          I'm interested to hear about the New York Country Club too. Has anyone attended a wedding at Hotel Thayer more recently. I know they have done some renovations and have a new chef since April. How's the food ?

        2. We held my son's Bar Mitzvah there 4 years ago. They did a wonderful job! Tons of great food. The caterer at that time also owned Nyack Seaport, and also provides catering in Nanuet at the Comfort Inn (or whatever it's called now). I think his last name was Rubino? The gorgeous views from their patio of the NYC skyline, along with the beautiful golf course was just breathtaking!

          Anyway, after the Bar Mitzvah, which we still get compliments on, we heard rumors and read in the Journal News that NY Country Club was being sold! We read that there were a few interested parties, including one from Japan, but they would be building houses! And rumors also were going around about a Hassidic builder being interested. To me, destroying this beautiful property by building houses would be a shame! I hope they are keeping it as a country club with their beautiful golf course, and wonderful catering. I definitely recommend NY Country Club providing that they have not sold. And I think it may be New Hempstead and not Spring Valley? That I'm not sure of though. Good luck.