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Mar 27, 2010 11:26 AM

List of commemorative days for foods?

Just this month, we have 3/14 Pi(e) Day, 3/21 Macaron Day, and 3/25 Waffle Day, that I know of. Is there a comprehensive list of food-related commemorative days? The only result I came up with via googling was a very incomplete and not food-specific Wikipedia list. For party- and meal-planning purposes it would be fun to have such a list.

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  1. There are lots of sites that list Honorary XYZ Day, some food, some not. The first link below is not strictly food. The second one excludes some that I would consider obvious.

    There's also National XYZ Month. I think January is National Soup Month, among other things. Although I've Googled "weird food holidays," "national food months," and "bizarre food holidays" to varying degrees of success, I've never found a totally comprehensive site. But in a pinch, you can Google the particular date you're talking about and see if it kicks anything up.

    If anyone could do it, you'd be the one to get such a thing organized!

    Also, the American Indian names for the full moon months is another lovely way to theme a party. There are several variations on that, as well. As I recall, one month may be Strawberry Moon.

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      Thanks. The second link is just the sort of thing I was looking for. And I'm flattered, but don't know why you would think my organizational skills are up to such a task!

    2. I love this topic! Searching under "Food Holiday Calender" I found many, but I liked this one

      because is had PI day.

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        3/28 is "something on a stick day". So many ways to celebrate!

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          Oh the possibilities! While I've got all the fixings for a kabob or satay, my mind keeps saying corndog :->

      2. look at not strictly food related but it's got a bunch.

        1. March is National Frozen Food Month.

          1. And always remember...Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day (or if you live on the West Coast, Red's Tamale Day)!