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Mar 27, 2010 10:21 AM

Fatted Calf to go Bricks and Mortar in Hayes Valley

Nothing like leaking your own "secrets:"

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  1. Any idea which storefront? Old Citizen Cake digs (seems kinda large tho)?

    Citizen Cake
    399 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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    1. re: iwantmytwodollars

      The Citizen Cake spot is being taken over by the Absinthe folks, so not there.

      Citizen Cake
      399 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

    2. Makes sense....nothing like beeing close to your clients....

      1. Yesssss!

        Don't have to report Saturday AM in Berk or SF to get the goods.

        These folks are MEAT GENIUSES !

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        1. re: bayareatiger

          This sounds like a pure business decision - NAPA location was not a good choice...

          1. re: Pollo

            You're speculating that they are closing down Napa, which I doubt. They have a good amount of space there for production.

            1. re: Fig Newton

              Not sure where you get the "speculating" part from my comment but that is not what I'm saying - pure business point of view. NAPA is a "nice" location on Sat/Sun but on week days is sloooow, COPIA next door is kaput, rent next to and at the Oxbow is probably up there (I'm willing to bet that few other Oxbow tenants will not make it - not wishing that they don't just the way things bee going with the economy - Rotisserie place is gone).
              As far as space is concerned the place they occupy right now was too small the day they moved in - it''s way too small for what they need/could use.....