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Mar 27, 2010 10:20 AM


coming to the city in 2 weeks. staying in manhattan financial district. been to a couple of NOBU's on the west coast. HUGE fan of morimoto!!! Where to go?? Any hidden gems?? looking for quality (NOBU San Diego) over fancy environment ( NOBU Las Vegas)..Dress code is not a problem trying to spend less than 250-300 for 2 people with alcohol. thanks alot

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  1. Sushi Yasuda on 43rd between 2nd and 3rd. Make a reservation for dinner asking to sit at the bar and ask for Yasuda if possible. Order omakase (chef's choice of sushi) with sake. You should come well under your spending limit.

    1. i like 15 east alot but im a sushi newb

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        Hands down:

        Tamoe (172 thompson between bleeker &Houston) only take Amex or cash

      2. Sushi Yasuda or 15 East. Masa and Kurumazushi would be well above your desired budget.

        Nobu is terrible for sushi; you can get much better in NYC. I suppose you could go to Morimoto, but that's not a good option for sushi either.

        1. The New York sushi trifecta is Masa, Sushi Yasuda and Kurumazushi. Omakase at either one should be one of the best eating experiences of your life, assuming you're not in possession of unlimited time and money. They are all rather expensive. Does anyone know how omakase ranges in price at each restaurant?

          1. I suggest searching the Manhattan Board.

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              I have to agree with others and say Yasuda hands down is the best I've had. 15 East is close by and Masa is quite good as well. But if i had to pick one of the three, it would be Yasuda at the sushi bar ordering omakase.