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Mar 27, 2010 09:50 AM


Has anyone been to this restaurant for breakfast? It was on Phantom Gourmet this morning and looked good but I don't completely trust them.

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  1. I've been. It's a good breakfast place, but nothing is out-of-the-ordinary ridiculous. The service and coffee were good, and the food was good. There was a wait the day we went, if that holds any ground.

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      I agree with marcreichman. Nothing out of the ordinary; though I think the sandwiches are better than the usual breakfast fare. There's always a wait on weekends (late mornings thru lunch time). After going there a few times and having to wait; I've decided that I can pretty much make the same food at home just as well without the wait and for a fraction of the cost.

      But otherwise, it's a decent place if you don't feel like cooking and doing the dishes.

    2. I wasn't impressed when I went for breakfast a few months back. Not bad, but not worth the calories. The menu looks a lot more interesting than the food actually is. If I were looking for breakfast in the area, I'd head up Rte. 20 over the Watertown line and go to The Spot. it's on the left as you're heading out of Waltham into Watertown well before you get to Watertown Center. Better food, they use good bread for toast, and it has a pleasant atmosphere.

      1. I second the spot cafe. We went last week. Had the feta and tomato three egg omlet. Very good. comes with good home fries and toast. Friend had the veggie omlet it comes with your choice of cheese and three vegtables. she had mushrooms, onions and spinach. With feta cheese. She liked it a lot. Also comes with home fries and toast. Service was friendly and good. Coffee was good.